Historic Newton's Annual Meeting


7 PM, Business Meeting

7:30 PM, Speaker, Beryl Rosenthal,Director, Metropolitan Waterworks Museum, Boston, "I've Walked By Here forYears and Wondered What It Was"

The title of this presentationreflects the most commonly heard remark made by Waterworks Museumvisitors.  The Chestnut Hill High Service Pumping Station operated as theheart of Boston's water system from 1888 until the mid-1970s.  After itsuse as a storage facility, it fell into severe disrepair, and lay abandoneduntil a grassroots effort led by the "Friends of the Waterworks"embarked on a twenty-year effort to preserve and restore it as a museum. In 1989 it was granted status as a National Register District, received the2011 Preservation Achievement Ward from the Boston Preservation Alliance, andhas just celebrated its first anniversary as a museum.