Ingenious Early American Design

This versatile piece of furniture was made in America at least 200 years   ago.  As you can see from the pictures, it can be used as a table, or,  when the tabletop is lifted up, it becomes a settle (that is, a bench with arms and a high back.)  The seat of the settle also lifts, revealing a handy box for storage.

Some of the details about this piece suggest stories, or remind us of changes that have occurred over the last two centuries.  For example, you can see how wide the boards in the table top are; this piece was made at a time whenthere was plenty of old forest (and large trees) readily available for cutting.  Also, one of the two pegs that form the hinge for the tabletop appears to be hand-carved.  Did the original break?  And who made the replacement?

This ingenious multi-purpose piece of furniture was handed down in the Kenrick family through Jeannie B. Kenrick and is a very generous gift from Kenrickdescendants Joyce and Gil Thompson.  It will be on display for two weeks in our reception area before it goes into our collections room for cataloging and conservation.