New Trees on the Durant-Kenrick Grounds!

Durant-Kenrick House and Grounds planted new trees in the public park on the corner of Waverly and Kenrick.                  

The new additions to the grounds include a Redbud, Sargent’s Cherry, and Fringetree.  These are all trees that were offered by the Kenrick nurseries, started by John Kenrick who bought the house in 1790.  The nurseries grew to over 130 acres in the 19th century.

The Prunus sargentii columnarius, or Sargent’s Cherry, is native to Japan, Korea and Russia. The tree is named for American botanist Charles Sprague Sargent, the first director of Harvard University’s Arnold Arboretum. Sargent held the position as director for 55 years.

Our photo shows the Cercis canadensis, or Redbud, which hails from eastern North America. The Redbud is one of the first trees to bloom each spring and is blooming right now with little deep-pink blossoms.

The Chionanthus virginicus, or Fringetree, is native to the southeastern United States, hence its scientific name referencing Virginia. Due to its oblong white flowers, the tree acquired the nicknames Fringetree and Old Man’s Beard.

All three specimens will brighten the grounds with their flowers.  Come by the Durant-Kenrick House and Grounds to see these new additions.