Online Poetry Chapbook -- Energy Necklace/Jackson Homestead

Turning Again to the Well

Turning Again to the Well:
Poems of the Energy Necklace Project, Jackson Homestead, 2014

On April 6, 2014, sculptors, poets, museum staff, and other members of the community gathered for the Opening of the Energy Necklace Project at the Jackson Homestead in Newton, MA.

The sculptors were there to celebrate and introduce their site-specific work on the themes of sustainability, preservation, and place. The poets had been invited to explore these same themes in language in the temporary sculpture park. The installations had truly brought the property to life, uncovering themes inherent in the site’s history, yet hidden from public view until the sculptures drew them out.

On June 1, eleven poets read their original work aloud, weaving their voices into the visual and tactile experience of art and landscape. We have reproduced here their 25 poems in an online Poetry Walk. We hope that you enjoy these poems, which emphasize our rootedness to the earth, and the bonds that connect us to history and to each other.

—Susan Edwards Richmond, Curator, Poetry Walk at the Energy Necklace Project, Jackson Homestead

Zachary Bos
Polly Brown
Linda Fialkoff
Lynn Horsky
Neil Horsky
Terry House
Cheryl B. Perreault
Lila Linda Terry
Joanne DeSimone Reynolds
Susan Edwards Richmond
bg Thurston

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