Thank you to all the kids who have played our games!


Thank you to the Ward After-School Program and Countryside Children’s Center and all the many families that have come by the Durant-Kenrick House and Grounds to visit and play our games.

Robert Kiihne, award winning exhibit designer, has created new games and puzzles for us to go along with our upcoming exhibits.  We took the games and puzzles to nearby afterschool programs and we have been also testing the games on families coming to visit the museum and we have gotten a lot of great feedback.  Many kids have told us what they like about the games, what they don’t like about the games and what they would change to make the games better.  We have put those ideas into action and now our games are even better than they were before. 

We still need more information, so if you know someone between the ages of six and 12 please send them our way.   Come on a Thursday or a Saturday in September from 2-5pm for a free tour and to try out the games.  286 Waverley Ave., the bright green house.

            We look forward to playing with you!