Antique wallpaper being hung at Durant-Kenrick House and Grounds

Durant-Kenrick is getting new wallpaper, but it’s old wallpaper.

Many of the papers are new reproductions such as the one pictured here from Waterhouse Wallhangings.  Waterhouse says, “Originally printed by woodblock on rectangular and joined sheets of paper, this flowing Arabesque pattern is accredited to Jean Pillement, circa 1760.”   This paper will surround the historic furniture vignette in our 1700’s parlor.  The furniture set includes a beautiful mahogany tall-case clock made by Benjamin Willard in Lexington around 1769.

For our 1930’s Parlor we have found nearly antique wallpaper circa 1920 from Hannah’s Treasures.  In this room will be a very special pair of chairs from Mr. Arthur Dewing’s grandparents.  The chairs were a gift to his grandparents at their marriage in 1841 from the father of the bride.