Adult Groups

    Historic Newton staff are pleased to work with you to offer staff-directed, accessible programs at both the Jackson Homestead and Museum and the Durant-Kenrick House. Guided programs for adult groups typically include a talk or tour lasting approximately 30 minutes and time to explore museum exhibitions and grounds.

    Guided programs cost $6 per person, with a minimum of eight people. 

    Some possible topics for guided programs include:
    • An introduction to the Jackson Homestead and the Jackson family members who that lived here in the nineteenth century.
    • The Underground Railroad at the Jackson Homestead, including discussion of the abolition activity of the Jackson family prior to the Civil War.
    • A private viewing of the documentary Return to Norumbega at Durant-Kenrick House and Grounds. For 66 years Norumbega Park and the Totem Pole this were the place for canoeing, amusements, and dancing to the big bands!
    • Historic clothing and fashion at the Jackson Homestead or Durant-Kenrick House and Grounds.
    • Landscape history of Newton, particularly of the area where the Durant-Kenrick House and Grounds are situated.

    To schedule a group visit, please contact:

    Hannah Weisman
    Jackson Homestead and Museum


    Sarah Cole
    Durant-Kenrick House and Grounds