Newton, MA Logo for print

Mission and Vision


The mission of Historic Newton is to encourage inquiry about and exploration of Newton within the broad context of American history. 

To accomplish this mission, we maintain historic properties that interpret Newton’s past and present. We collect, preserve, interpret and exhibit historical artifacts of local significance and present public programs that involve the diverse population of Newton and the region.


Newton is a visible and accessible cultural center that is the hub of a broad network of resources including streetscapes, buildings, burying grounds, collections, archives, organizations, and people. By anchoring, cultivating, and leading this network, the museum serves to preserve, document, exhibit, and explain Newton’s history to people of all ages—and make that history a vibrant and living part of the present. 

Toward these ends we provide educational programs and preserve our collections. We also identify, celebrate, and advocate for outstanding examples of the built, natural, and cultural environment that represent Newton's history. By providing leadership in these efforts and by keeping our past alive in our present, we are able to foster a richer sense of community in Newton based on the shared experiences and common ground among all Newton’s residents.