Mission and Vision


Historic Newton inspires discovery and engagement by illuminating our community’s stories within the context of American history.



Historic Newton...

·     Brings the past to bear on the present.

·     Promotes an informed, aware and engaged community.

·     Invites all people to explore history and find meaning for themselves.

·     Enriches our community's future through engagement, education and stewardship.

·   Is the keeper of Newton's memories.


·    Scholarship: Intellectual rigor and honesty guide our research and interpretation.
·    Collaboration: Partnerships with other organizations, individuals, and communities drive our work.
·    History as a continuum: The history being made within our lifetime is as important to preserve and explain as the distant past.
·    Shared authority: We encourage people to be their own curators and educators. History is best told through the multiple perspectives of the past; it is best understood as a shared exploration.

·    Historical perspective: Presenting local history in relationship to a broader context deepens the experience for both Newtonians and visitors alike.