Economic Growth for All: Early Education and Learning


Preschool Guide for Newton parents

This document provides information about all licensed preschools in Newton including information on hours, days of the week, cost and tuition assistance.

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"Study Measures Preschool Numbers: Just over half of 4-year-olds attend; indicates more work needed ahead" Boston Globe October 17th, 2017

Newton's Commitment to Early Childhood Education

In Newton, we believe that all children should achieve their full potential as lifelong learners, thinkers, and productive contributors to our global society.  In 2015, Mayor Setti Warren developed a citywide blueprint to promote economic mobility in Newton.  The Economic Growth for All initiative was designed to develop strategic interventions, supports, and infrastructure that promote on-ramps to the economy for everyone, with a particular focus on low-income and historically vulnerable populations. 
The Economic Growth for All: Early Education and Learning initiative seeks to begin to dismantle systemic to economic mobility barriers
by ensuring that EVERY child in Newton has access to high-quality Pre-K, and access to engaging out of school opportunities that keep them inspired and connected to the community. The City of Newton and Newton Public Schools have partnered with the "By All Means" initiative. This initiative is sponsored by the Education Redesign Lab at Harvard's Graduate School of Education. Newton is one of six communities selected from around the country to participate in this initiative, which brings together city leadership, school district leadership and a variety of community partners to collaborate around the Economic Growth for All: Education and Learning shared agenda.

We believe that the barriers and obstacles to economic mobility start early.  We aim to mitigate those barriers and obstacles by:

•     Ensuring that ALL children have access to a high-quality pre-K programming
•     Ensuring that ALL children have access to engaging out of school opportunities that keep them connected to our community; particularly at the middle and high school levels when connection is especially critical

"Healthy development depends on the quality and reliability of a child's relationships with the important people in his or her life, both within and outside the family. These relationships lay the foundation for a wide range of later outcomes that really matter- self-confidence and sound mental health, motivation to learn and achieve, the ability to control behavior and resolve conflicts, and knowing the difference between right and wrong. That's why one of the most critical decisions you make as a parent is choosing an environment that will help you nurture your child's growth and development, and set the stage for future learning." (Taken from:

Resources for Parents

Click here for information on applying for a state childcare voucher OR call 211

State Guidance on types of preschool programs and guidance on finding high quality preschool

National guidance for families about early childhood education

Globe article on health impacts on preschoolers

National Center for Children and Poverty: Article about the achievement gap and the importance of quality early education

National Assoc. of Elementary School Principals: Article on pre-k critical to closing the achievement gap


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