COVID-19 Data

Total Cases
through 5/27/2020
through 5/26/2020



All data is preliminary. Newton-specific confirmed Total Cases are reported on weekdays with information through the previous day. Cases by symptom onset date and deaths are reported weekly. Deaths are Newton residents who have tested positive for COVID-19 and died.

Symptom Onset Date is used for most cases. When this date is unavailable or the person tested is asymptomatic, the test date is used instead. The graph is changed if new information is received about a case. For example, a person initially counted as a Newton resident may actually live elsewhere (and is therefore removed from our case count), or test date was initially used, and later symptom onset date becomes available.

Click on the chart below or this link for additional preliminary data slides. (Last update: 5/19/20)




Frequently Asked Questions


What is new?
Each weekday the total case count will be posted on this page.


Weekly, we will also post:
• Cases by symptom onset date
• Deaths among residents who have tested positive for COVID-19

We are posting a new case total each weekday based on information received through the end of the previous day. This one-day lag adopts similar practices also used by both the Massachusetts Department of Public Health (MDPH) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Defining a closing date/time with a slight lag (next day instead of same day) will better allow us to collect, aggregate and report a growing number of cases accurately and efficiently.
If you previously tracked new cases by the date when reported on our website or the Mayor’s emails, that information will look a little different than the new graph. This is because the new presentation is by symptom onset date instead of notification date. Cases totals will still be available.

Where does the data come from?
Communicable disease data in Massachusetts comes from an MDPH-run electronic database. COVID-19 is one of many communicable diseases that healthcare providers and laboratories are required to notify MDPH about which is then shared with local health officials.


Why is the MDPH data about Newton different than what’s posted here?
There are a few reasons that the total number of cases and some information about those cases may differ in local and MDPH reports. One reason is the data reported may have been downloaded from the electronic disease notification system at different times. Another is that as people diagnosed with COVID-19 are contacted by the public health staff, more information about them is learned. This could include that the person lives in a different town, and that case is then removed from the Newton total and added to the town where they live. All data reported is preliminary as more information is collected and updated.


What aren’t you reporting race/ethnicity data?
Available statewide race/ethnicity data is reported by the Massachusetts Department of Public Health. Newton-specific data is often not available at this point.


Will you post more data?
Yes, we periodically provide updates with additional data points. Click on the age graph above for the latest one.


The Massachusetts Department of Public Health posts statewide data about COVID-19 cases on its website. is the quicklink for this page.

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