Mental Health Resources

The City provides the following for informational purposes only and does not support or endorse any of these resources.

Organizations to Call for Support

Need help locating a therapist? Contact the

William James Interface


William James Resource Hub

Looking for mental health treatment or resources?

Riverside Community Care


  Looking for domestic violence support? 

National Domestic Violence Helpline (visit for live chat services)

Information about being safe during COVID-19

800.799.SAFE (7233)


The Gavin Foundation 

Are you or a loved one are looking for support with drug or alcohol recovery?


If you need Narcan, please reach out


 SAMHSA Disaster Distress Helpline

800-985-5990- 24/7

National hotline providing immediate crisis counseling for people experiencing emotional distress related to any natural or human-caused disaster.

Crisis Text Line

Text HOME to 741741

Anxious about COVID-19? Reach out to a Crisis Counselor.



Resources from Riverside Trauma Center

American Red Cross Family Emotional Support and Grief Counseling

Sleep Disturbances During COVID-19

Reflection, Regulation, & Relaxation: The 3 R's of Self-Care in Managing COVID-19 related stress

Self Care During the COVID-19 Crisis

Supporting your kids and yourself during the COVID-19 crisis

Supporting your child during the COVID-19 crisis

Managing reactions to COVID-19

Click below for tips on positivity!

Resources for Finding Help

Find Behavioral Health Services   Information on Grief and Loss- William James
Mental Health Telehealth Tips NAMI Mental Health Coping Strategies
Resource Guide on Mental Health Get Moving at Home!

25 Ways to Get Moving at Home

Resources for Teens and Kids


Depression awareness: teen depression fact sheet (Spanish)


Strategies for teens to protect their mental health

How to talk to teens about Coronavirus

7 ways to support kids and teens

Mindfulness activities for children

Physical activity ideas for preschool-aged kids

Apps for mental health and wellbeing

Mindfulness  Calm  Happify Talkspace Headspace  Three Good Things (Happiness)



 Yoga for 


Strava (running) Map My Run (running) Stop, Breathe, Think  
Apps for Children  Breathe, Think, Do (with sesame) Smiling Mind DreamyKid Breathing Bubble  



"COVID-19: We Must Care for Older Adults Mental Health"- Christine Moutier, MD, American Foundation for Suicide Prevention

"Supporting Your Mental Health While Navigating Change"- Doreen Marshall, PhD, American Foundation for Suicide Prevention

"Taking Care of Your Mental Health in the Face of Uncertainty"-Doreen Marshall, PhD, American Foundation for Suicide Prevention

"Why getting sleep is more important right now"- Michael Breus, PhD, Psychology Today

"It's ok to be human: 6 Mental Health Tips for coping" - Karyl McBride, PhD, Psychology Today

"That discomfort you're feeling is grief."- Harvard Business Review

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