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Welcome to the Newton Food Establishment Owner's page where restaurant owners can find helpful information, forms and updates on the new changes taking place for restaurant inspections in Newton. 

FREE Food Safety Trainings
We offer food safety trainings to managers, owners and employees of restaurants in Newton.  These trainings are not a ServSafe training, rather a way for our inspectors to show you different ways to deal with common problems pertaining to your restaurant. The trainings are free, and will be offered monthly. Please contact Elizabeth Grella if you have any questions at

The next food safety training will be:

(If you would like to request a food safety training, or if your establishment would like to host a food safety training, contact Elizabeth at
Food Grading GIS Map

We've updated to the 2013 FDA Food Code! Click here for your own copy!
For a quick summary of changes CLICK HERE
The new Food Grading Regulations are available here.

Cleanup of Bodily Fluids Example Procedures
Food Safety Consultants and Trainers 
Food Allergy Awareness Poster
Generator Use Factsheet
Dry Ice Information
Choke Save Class 2017
Emergency Handbook For Food Managers
Shellfish Guideline
Newton Grading Matrix
Blank Inspection Form
Example Inspection Form
Example Inspection Form: Fail Notes Summary
FDA Employee Health and Personal Hygiene Packet (see pg. 37)
Self-inspection form
Emergency Action Planning Guide
Click here
for a helpful link to the FDA website where you can request or download FREE food safety posters in multiple languages.
April 28th Meeting summary
Summary points

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FDA Grant
We were awarded a grant from the FDA to standardize our food inspection program. The ultimate purpose of this grant is to reduce foodborne illness in Newton. We will meet the requirements of the grant by fulfilling activities that coincide with each “standard” set by the FDA. 

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