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Radon Information

Some Newton residents have questions and concerns regarding radon and potential impacts that nearby excavation work could potentially have on radon levels in their homes. The Massachusetts Department of Public Health has a division dedicated to the topic of radon and welcomes questions from individual residents. Because each home and situation is unique, it is important for residents to reach out individually and receive accurate information for them specifically. This is true even for people in the same neighborhood. When requested, the State will also provide radon home testing kits free of charge along with specific instructions for utilization. You can find basic information on radon here https://www.mass.gov/radon  or call 1-800-723-6695 Monday--Friday 8:45 – 5:00.


Licenses, Permits and Regulations

*Find all you need for food, camp, housing, animals, bodyworks, Title V, tanning, tobacco and more!


Environmental Health Programs and Information   

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    The Environmental Health division protects the health of residents and visitors in the city of Newton by maintaining a comprehensive program of environmental health services, which includes: inspections, compliance, and enforcement activities; environmental monitoring and prevention activities; and providing outreach/education about environmental health issues.

    Environmental Health specialists conduct inspections on a regular basis per state law on the following: food establishments, swimming pools, and tanning salons. Investigations are conducted in response to complaints about the following: housing, lead paint determination, food establishments, and general health nuisances (i.e. mosquito pools, rodents).

    Applications are available for licenses for: residential kitchens, catering, keeping of animals, tobacco sales, body art, well drilling, sandblasting, and transport of waste (offal), among others.

    Applications, forms, permits, and other information may be found by topic using the menu on the left. Individuals with questions can call the Department of Health and Human Services office at (617) 796-1420 to speak with an Environmental Health specialist. While drop-in visits may accomplish your purpose, advance appointments are encouraged to ensure that someone is available to meet with you.


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