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Newton Hoarding Task Force

Free Workshop

The Chaos of Clutter workshop is specifically designed for friends and family members of someone who is struggling with this issue. Patty Underwood, LICSW, of Riverside Community Care, will provide information about the psychological reasons why a clutter problem develops, and offer concrete strategies on the best ways to help.

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Mission Statement

The mission of the Hoarding Task Force is to promote a safe, healthy living environment for the residents of Newton and prevent hoarding behaviors from creating hazards for hoarders and others. The task force addresses the compulsive behavior of hoarding by providing the necessary tools, intervention, resources, education, and community-coordinated response to deal with the disorder.

The mission will be accomplished through a collaborate effort of local services to include: police department, fire department, animal control, social services, health and human services department, protective services, housing inspector, ambulance services, and the Newton Housing Authority.

The Task Force has developed a protocol to ensure that cases are referred to the appropriate departments/agencies for assessment, intervention, services and support. The task force meets every other month and on an emergency basis to discuss cases, address concerns and develop a plan of action.

See Definition of Hoarding

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