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Food Safety

Food Safety

COVID-19 information about food safety and takeout for restaurants

Information for restaurant owners

Free Food Safety trainings: We offer food safety trainings to managers, owners, and employees of restaurants in Newton. These trainings are not a ServSafe Training, rather a way for our inspectors to show you different ways to deal with common problems pertaining to your restaurant. Please contact Aimee Sullivan to schedule a food safety training:


Guidance on customer use of reusable containers

Click here for the 2013 FDA Food Code

Click here for the Massachusetts Food Code (105CMR590)
For a quick summary of changes from the 1999 to the 2013 Code  CLICK HERE
The  Food Grading Regulations are available here.

Cleanup of Bodily Fluids Example Procedures
Food Safety Consultants and Trainers 

Food Allergy Awareness Poster
Generator Use Factsheet
Dry Ice Information
Choke Save Class
Emergency Handbook For Food Managers
Shellfish Guideline
Newton Grading Matrix

Blank Inspection Form
Example Inspection Form
Example Inspection Form: Fail Notes Summary
FDA Employee Health and Personal Hygiene Packet (see pg. 37)
Self-inspection form
Emergency Action Planning Guide
Click here
 for a helpful link to the FDA website where you can request or download FREE food safety posters in multiple languages.


Newton Food Grading System

Newton’s food grading system was planned in partnership with the Newton food establishments. The food grading system is all about food safety. A grade does not describe the quality or taste of food, nor does it reflect the service. It is solely based on the food safety inspection report.

During a food safety inspection, many items are observed including: the temperature of hot and cold foods, hand washing, employee health and hygiene, cleanliness of food prep surfaces, cross contamination, dish washing and more. Points are assigned to these items depending on how much the violation contributes to foodborne illness.

Below is the GIS map of all graded restaurants in Newton. Roll your mouse over a restaurant to see their most recent grade.

Restaurants receive a grade placard that looks like this:

Different grade placards will be given according to the following scale:
 Superior:360-400 points
Excellent: 320-359 points
Fair: 280-319 points
Unacceptable: 240-279 points

Food Grading Toolkit

The City of Newton Health and Human Services Department has developed a toolkit to guide other health departments through the process of designing, implementing, and evaluating a food grading system.

Other Resources for Colleagues

 Standard 1
Newton 2009 Food Code Regulations
Newton Blank Inspection Form
Cohasset Blank Inspection Report
Side-by-side Comparison 2009 Food Code vs. 105 CMR 590

Standard 2
Trainings and CEU's log








 Standard 3
Newton Corrective Action Policy
Cohasset Corrective Action Policy
Cohasset Risk Control Plan


 Standard 4
Vineland, NJ Quality Assurance Document
Gwinnet, Co., Quality Assurance Document

 Standard 5
Newton Foodborne Illness and Investigation SOP's

 Standard 6
Middleton, MA Compliance and Enforcement SOP's

 Standard 7
Farmer's Market Brochure
Sample Newsletter
Cooking, Cooling, Holding Temps.


 Standard 8

Standard 8 Requirements Summary

Staffing Level Assessment Workbook

 Standard 9

Risk Factor Study

Risk Control Plan

Data Collection Manual


Other Resources:


Newton's Grading System Presentation
Newton Food Grading Webpage

Helpful Links:
NACCHO Sharing Sessions
NACCHO Sharing Webpage
FDA Retail Standards Webpage


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