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Newton Youth Commission

The Youth Commission meets on the second or third Wednesday of each month, from 5-6:30. Our meeting dates for the 2019 - 2020 school year are as follows:


Wednesday, January 22nd - Room 211, Newton City Hall, 5-6:30pm

Wednesday, February 12th - Room 211, Newton City Hall, 5-6:30pm

Wednesday, March 18th - Room 211, Newton City Hall, 5-6:30pm

Wednesday, April 15th – Room 211, Newton City Hall, 5-6:30pm

Wednesday, May 13th – Room 211, Newton City Hall, 5-6:30pm

Wednesday, June 1st– Room 211, Newton City Hall, 5-6:30pm


If you are interested in joining us as a Youth Commissioner, Youth Advisory Board Member, or Adult Advisor, please contact Quinn Etchie, the Youth Services Director, at We may have positions available and are always looking for new, engaged people to join!


The Newton Youth Commission is a volunteer body of adults and high school students working together to empower youth. Students in grades 9-12 are eligible to act as commissioner or youth advisor. Adults in the community are encouraged to apply to participate as advisors as well.

The Newton Youth Commission's goal is to implement programs and policies to meet the opportunities, challenges and issues of Newton youth. In addition, the purpose of this Commission is to:


  • encourage youth to take leadership roles in the community
  • facilitate opportunities for and access to resources on local, state and federal levels
  • coordinate programs and activities carried on by both public and private agencies
  • create and implement policies for the prevention of youth problems in a cooperative and professional effort
  • create a sense of permanency of action and continuity of purpose for all youth activities.

The Newton Youth Commission is staffed by the Department of Health & Human Services, which seeks to link Youth Commission activities with provider organizations within the city.


This year, the Newton Youth Commission is working with Newton teens regarding their mental health and stress in and out of school and to determine the ways in which they cope with stress in those situations. 


To learn more about our work over the past year and a half and to see our presentation to the Newton School Committee and the School Councils, check out the Newton Youth Stress Survey results here. 


If you are looking for some helpful resources for stress management or are looking for support dealing with stress, anxiety, or depression, here are some websites to check out: 

Samaritans - Suicide Prevention and Support

William James Interface - Teen Resource Page

Headspace - Mindfulness and Meditation

Calm - Meditation Techniques (Great for sleep, short guided meditations, and more!)

Additionally, your guidance counselors, social workers, school nurses, wellness coaches, and teachers at school are fantastic resources!



Quinn Etchie
Director of Youth Services
Health and Human Services Department
1000 Commonwealth Ave, Newton, MA 02459
(617) 796-1420

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