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Health Advisory Council

Newton’s Advisory Council of Health and Human Services is established by Section 12-20 of the Revised Ordinances of the City. The council is made up of eight residents and is chaired by the Commissioner of Health and Human Services.

The council meets at least four times a year at 7:00 PM in the Health & Human Services department offices at City Hall, 1000 Commonwealth Ave. Regular and special meetings are posted with the City Clerk. Anyone wishing to attend a meeting should contact the department to confirm the date and time.

The current members of the council are listed below:

  • Deborah Youngblood - Health and Human Services Commissioner, Chair  
  • Aric Parnes, (MD)
  • Lisa Terrizzi
  • Bradley Barnes
  • Brenda Anders Pring (MD)
  • Matthew Stafford
  • Michelle Freshman
  • Asa Fanelli
  • Michelle Drolsbaugh

HHSAC Minutes

Section UL

2019 Minutes

2018 Minutes

October 1, 2018(40.6 KB)
May 16, 2018(77 KB)
January 30, 2018(123.7 KB)

2017 Minutes

June 6, 2017(48.4 KB)
January 2017(53.5 KB)

2016 Minutes

May 24, 2016(53.7 KB)

2013 Minutes

June 11, 2013(31.2 KB)
March 12, 2013(45.3 KB)
November 6, 2013(114.5 KB)

2010 Minutes

June 16, 2010(27.1 KB)

2009 Minutes

June 17, 2009(25.6 KB)
March 18, 2009(24.8 KB)
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