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These ladies on West St. clear the hydrant near their home every storm.  Thank you for your helps with the #hydrantchallenge ladies! 
Be sure to tweet a picture of your cleared hydrant to @NewtonFireDept or email them to

Hydrant Location Map (We are constantly updating the hydrant location map.  If you find the information about your hydrant to be incorrect, please send an email to and we will be diligent in correcting the information as soon as possible.  Thank you for your patience and help.)


Roof Collapse and Storm Drain Safety Information
Winter Storms
Extreme Cold
Power Outages During Cold Weather

***Download Massachusetts Alerts: A free public safety alerting app for emergency alerts and critical information for the state of Massachusetts.   

Clear your roofs of snow to prevent collapse.  If you are unable to do so, please call a roofer or ask a family member/neighbor for help. The fire department does not clear roof dams or snow on roofs. You must refer to a roofer, contractor, or handy man.
Newton Fire Department 
1164 Centre Street 
Newton, MA 02459 
(617) 796-2210

For general questions email

Non-emergency Dispatch (617) 796 - 2200 

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Head Quarters
(617) 796-2210 
Chief of Department – Bruce Proia
Executive Assistant to Chief of Department – Diane DiBona
Assistant Chief – Paul Chagnon
Communications Officer – Lt. Eric Fricke 
Senior Payroll Executive– Karen Valente 

Fire Prevention
(617) 796-2230
Deputy Chief Michael Castro
Managerial Executive of Fire Prevention– Cheryl Thompson
Captain Robert Binnall
Lieutenant Richard Geary
Lieutenant Robert Davis
Lieutenant Chris Markoski

Fire Alarm & Wires Division
(617) 796-2220
Superintendent Jeff Knight 
Ron Rousseau
Paul Keegan
Kevin Curry
Glenn Manning Sr.

Application for Fire Permit
Process for Submitting Commercial Plan Reviews
Fire Detail Request Form
Permit Fees
Business Emergency Contact Information Form

Hydrant location map is here
February 10, 2015 -  The hydrant location map is finally here!
Fire Hydrant Snow Removal
January 14, 2015 -  Residents having fire hydrants close to their home should remove the snow on and around it. This will make it easier to find the hydrants, which may save a life or your home.
Fire Department Issues Cold Weather Fire Safety Warning
January 14, 2015 -  Fire officials issued a fire safety warning as we enter the first period of extremely cold weather this winter. "Sub-freezing temperatures dip this week will tax our heating and electrical systems as we try to stay warm, so a little caution can help you make you it safely through the extreme weather," said Fire Chief Bruce Proia.
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