Chapter 2, Section 300 - 302

President of the Board of Aldermen may appoint: 3 members

3-Year Terms Term Limit: None

Sec. 2-302. Purpose, powers and duties. (a) The commission shall develop a city-wide energy plan to encourage energy conservation and the use of alternative energy forms, and provide a plan to coordinate state and federal experts to provide for energy needs and emergencies.

(b) The commission's powers shall include the following:

The commission shall encourage energy conservation in Newton and may investigate methods of conservation and disseminate information thereon; may apply for and receive grants; act as a liaison between Newton and the state on energy matters; act as a clearing house for car and van pooling; conduct citizen education programs including programs regarding the availability of "peak load" pricing differential rates; make recommendations to the mayor and the board of aldermen; report on its activities to the mayor and the board of aldermen when so requested or on its own initiative; file legislation before the board of aldermen; and publicize programs and methods of energy conservation; provided that no expenses may be incurred by the commission without the prior approval of the mayor and the board of aldermen.

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