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Outcome #5 – Robust Economic Development
Robust economic development through collaborative efforts with commercial property owners, business owners and developers so that all commercial districts are functioning at their highest and best use, contributing to the City’s tax base and helping to achieve the City’s vision and goals, while ensuring that new businesses are a good match for the City’s needs, are filling identified gaps in the tenant mix, are complementing existing businesses and will enhance the overall identity of the City of Newton.

Strategy for Achievement

A robust economic development effort is vital to the City’s long-term health. With the revamping of the role of the Economic Development Director in the FY14 budget, the City will establish an economic development vision that is comprehensive, holistic and effective. Continuing the quarterly business roundtables and area council meetings will provide opportunities for economic development staff to converse directly with business owners. The “Beautify Newton” program will also be expanded to impact even more village centers. 

The City will continue to advance a number of long-term projects as well, which will provide long-term benefits for Newton, including continued work on the Riverside Project, Austin Street and the transformation of Needham Street. Creating a business-friendly planning environment is also key to a successful economic development strategy. Once again the City continues to devote resources to examining, updating, and revising its zoning code and streamlining its permitting process. 

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August 2017 Data
Inspectional Services
# of application for plumbing permits   123    
# of plumbing permits granted witin 24 hours of completed appication 95% 92%    NEAR TARGET
# of applications for gas permits   136    
# of gas permits granted witin 24 hours of completed application 95% 91%    NEAR TARGET
# of applications for electrical permits   234    
# of electrical permits issued in 24 hours of completed application 95% 84%    NEEDS IMPROVEMENT
# of applications for building permits   187    
# of building permits issued in 24 hours of completed application 95% 89%    NEEDS IMPROVEMENT
Planning and Development
% of vacant commercial properties (office) 5.00% 5.50%    NEEDS IMPROVEMENT
% of vacant commercial properties (retail) 2.00% 5.80%    NEEDS IMPROVEMENT
# of special permits requested   7    
# of special permits issued within 3 months of application 90% 81%    NEEDS IMPROVEMENT
Business visits from Economic Development Director 15 17    GOAL ATTAINED
# of requests for full house demolition permits   10    
# of demolition delays issued by Historic Commission   5    

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