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Outcome #4 – Improved Capital Infrastructure
Well maintained school buildings, fire stations, municipal buildings, roadways, parks, recreational spaces, and water, sewer, and storm water facilities.

Strategy for Achievement

The Administration has consistently recognized the need to improve the City’s capital infrastructure and has developed a long-term strategy to systematically address these needs. While it is tempting to defer non-urgent capital projects during tight fiscal times, communities ultimately pay a higher price when it becomes necessary to replace assets. To that end, this budget will allocate significant resources to the investment in the City’s infrastructure including; paving eight miles of roads; repairing or building two miles of sidewalks; improving traffic signals; implementing lighting and energy efficiency improvements; continuing to fund an annual $150,000 municipal building improvement fund for small capital projects; implementing a strategic fleet replacement program; shifting from reactive to preventive maintenance; and lining and repairing the City’s water and sewer infrastructure.

The Comprehensive Citywide Capital Improvement Plan and the recently passed override package were designed to address the City’s larger capital projects. With a number of significant projects such as Carr, Angier, Cabot and Zervas elementary schools and Fire Station upgrades underway, the City has committed significant financial and personnel resources to the Public Buildings department to ensure projects stay on time and on budget. 

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August 2017 Data
DPW: Engineering
Metric        Goal Result Trend
Average # of business days between coldplaning and paving 10 8   GOAL ATTAINED
Average # of business days between beginning and conclusion of sidewalk installation 10 10    GOAL ATTAINED
# of new ADA ramps installed 25 81    GOAL ATTAINED
DPW: Utilities
Metric Goal Result Trend
Number of catch basins cleaned 6550 1627    NEEDS IMPROVEMENT
Inflow and Infiltration  - Reduce to 46% by end of calendar year 48.0% 18.0%    GOAL ATTAINED



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