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Outcome #6 – Environmental Sustainability
Environmental Sustainability through the utilization of the City’s designation as a “Green Community”, implementation of energy initiatives, promotion of energy conservation efforts, and reduction of energy consumption throughout the City by 20% by the year 2020.

Strategy for Achievement
Since 2010, the City of Newton has set out to become a leader in environmental sustainability. Previous efforts toward this goal have been the adoption of the “Stretch Code” which requires higher energy efficiency levels in new construction and additions, and achieving “Green Community” status from the state.
Since the City’s vision for sustainability flows through every department, resources have been redeployed to better coordinate programs and activities. Efforts this year include advancing the “Energy-Smart Newton” partnership between, municipal, residential and business sectors working to reduce energy consumption by 20 percent citywide by the year 2020. Additional strategies include: increasing recycling initiatives; increasing the utilization of bike lanes and other alternative transportation measures; and moving the City’s fleet toward more fuel-efficient vehicles.
Grant funds received in recognition of the City’s commitment to environmental sustainability will provide opportunities to upgrade infrastructure at a reduced cost. This year, the City will replace all streetlights with LED bulbs, strategically upgrade HVAC systems, and incorporate energy conservation measures throughout several city buildings. This will not only reinforce Newton’s commitment to the environment, but in many cases reduce energy and maintenance costs as well. 

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August 2017 Data
DPW: Environmental Affairs
Metric Goal Result Trend
Pounds of trash collected per household served Under 91.67 38%   #VALUE!
Parks and Recreation
Metric Goal Result Trend
Number of Trees Planted 20 0    NEEDS IMPROVEMENT
Number of Trees Pruned 38 276    GOAL ATTAINED
Number of Trees Removed 49 329    GOAL ATTAINED
Number of Stumps Removed 75 4    NEEDS IMPROVEMENT
Public Buildings
Metric Goal Result Trend
Residential Energy Assessements Completed 83 0    NEEDS IMPROVEMENT
Assessment Prospects   130 0    NEEDS IMPROVEMENT
Assessments Scheduled  100 0    NEEDS IMPROVEMENT

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