Since taking office in 2010, Mayor Warren has made it his goal to infuse performance and results-based management into the City’s culture.

This extends into the Executive Team’s philosophy regarding budgeting. The City uses what is known as Outcomes-Based Budgeting. As opposed to more traditional line-item incremental budgeting, where expenditures are increased or decreased by a percentage from prior year levels, outcomes-based budgeting is unique in that it ties strategic planning, performance management, and a zero-based approach to the annual allocation of resources.

In 2012 the Mayor worked with the Executive Team to define eight desired outcomes at a broad, visionary level. These outcomes encompass the mission and purpose of the City of Newton Municipal Government and will serve as the platform and basis for both large and small-scale city initiatives for many years to come. These outcomes are as follows: 

  Newton's Eight Outcomes

Whether or not through day-to-day municipal operations or through more global aspects of sustainability and zoning, residents want to ensure that City Government is keeping its promise to provide quality services in an efficient and effective manner. That demand never diminishes, and in fact has been growing; people expect their police and fire departments to come when called, their roads to be safe and drivable in both good weather and bad; and their trash to be picked up regularly and on time.

To accomplish effective and efficient service delivery, the Administration has built on the performance initiatives of the past four years, to develop this strategic, outcomes-based approach in the development of the Fiscal Year 2015 Budget. This budget should be thought of first as a document that outlines the vision and direction for the City, and second as a blueprint and work plan unveiling exactly how the City expects to realize that vision.

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