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Outcome #8 – Community Engagement
Dynamic community engagement evident through meaningful communication and dialog between the City, its residents, homeowners, business owners, village centers, and advisory groups.

Strategy for Achievement

The City has been committed to establishing a dialogue between residents by not only communicating new initiatives, but more importantly by listening to residents’ concerns. In FY15, the City will be unveiling a number of new opportunities for residents to contribute to and interact with their local government, including a new smart-phone application that interacts with the 311 system to give citizens the ability to report issues while travelling throughout the city, as well as greater utilization of social media to allow two-way communication between City Hall and the citizens. 

The Administration will also continue to promote opportunities that are available for citizens to serve on various boards and commissions, continue the series of “Mayor Meet-Ups”, conduct surveys and focus groups, and foster partnerships with the many civic organizations that are active throughout the City. Additionally, the FY2015 Budget provides resources to enable the City to enhance the customer service organization to ensure that residents’ concerns are heard, and expectations are met. 

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August 2017
DPW: Customer Service
Metric Goal Result Trend
Average Speed of Phone Call Answer (seconds) 30 21    GOAL ATTAINED
Total # of requests entered into 311   3865    
# of requests entered via Customer Service staff 45% 46%    NEEDS IMPROVEMENT
# of requests entered via citizen portal 45% 46%    GOAL ATTAINED
# of requests entered via Smart Phone App 10% 8%    NEEDS IMPROVEMENT
# of requests completed within designated SLA (Service Level Agreement) 95% 94%    NEAR TARGET
DPW: Environmental Affairs
Metric Goal Result Trend
# of missed trash pickups  117 71    GOAL ATTAINED
# of 3 or more repeat missed trash from last 12 months (from hot list) 0 15    NEEDS IMPROVEMENT
Missed Recycling: Nothing There   5    
Health & Human Services
Metric Goal Result Trend
Total Number of Clients Seen   99    
Metric Goal Result Trend
Total Claims Received   14    
Number of claims closed within 30 days 14 2    NEEDS IMPROVEMENT
Parks and Recreation (Work Orders)
Metric Goal Result Trend
# of work orders submitted   40    
# of work orders completed within 5 business days 95% 55.00%    NEEDS IMPROVEMENT
Metric Goal Result Trend
# of calls answered by staff 95% 80%    NEEDS IMPROVEMENT
# of calls to voicemail 5% or less 20%   GOAL ATTAINED
# of voicemails returned within one business day 100% 100%    GOAL ATTAINED
Veterans Service Center
Metric Goal Result Trend
Number of returning attendees 25 12    NEEDS IMPROVEMENT
Number of new attendees 5 0    NEEDS IMPROVEMENT

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