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The City has redrafted the published scorecards, expanding this initiative to additional departments, and in turn measuring performance in several new and different areas. These scorecards, updated to correlate to each department’s budgeted outcomes, will allow the City to track departments’ progress related to performance management and continue to provide transparent and informative data to Newton citizens. This data, reviewed by the Administration and department heads monthly, will enhance budget and operational planning, and will guide the City in making decisions that are both informed and data supported. The process of performance measurement will continue to expand and be an invaluable tool as the Administration strives for continuous improvement in the delivery of services to the citizens of Newton. We welcome residents to review these scorecards published on the 15th of each month!


Welcome to CitiStat - This site is designed to give residents a clear picture of performance of each City Department, as well as a sense of what each department is doing to improve the delivery of services. Check out our About Us section to learn more about our methods. Go to the Scorecards section to see each Department's page with their mission, strategic objectives, and metrics, reported on a monthly basis. Our Highlights section features initiatives of interest to residents.