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Municipal Candidate Information

Municipal Elections for all city positions with a two (2) year term, including,  City Councilor-at-Large, School Committee and Ward Councilor will take place every odd year. The position of Mayor has a four (4) year term and will appear on every other Municipal Ballot. 

What is on your ballot? 

  • Each ballot, no matter where you reside within Newton will contain the following positions, if applicable: Mayor (every other Municipal Ballot), City Councilor-at-Large for Wards 1 thru 8, School Committee Member for Wards 1 thru 8
  • Each ballot will also contain the Ward Councilor position for the Ward that you reside. 

For more information about the each position please see the Newton City Charter Sections pertaining to City CouncilMayor, and School Committee

Newton's Candidate Guide 2019

Office of Campaign and Political Finance Depository Candidates & PAC Guide

Office of Campaign and Political Finance Municipal (School Committee) Candidates Guide

Important Dates to Remember:

  • Nomination Papers Available: First weekday in May
  • Last Day to Register to Vote: 20 days prior to any Election
  • Last Day to Request an Absentee Ballot: Day before election at Noon but please remember to allow time for mailing the Absentee Ballot both to you and back to the City Clerk's Office. 
  • Municipal Election: First Tuesday in November
  • Absentee Ballot Deadline: Close of polls on Election Day. 

Campaign Finance: click here

 Important OCPF Filings to Remember for Candidates who file with the City Clerk: 

  • Starting your Campaign Committee - Form M101
  • Eight (8) Days Prior to an Election - Form M102
  • January 22 Year End Report - Form M102 
  • Ending your Campaign Committee - Form M102

For more information about Campaign Finance and blank forms for filing Finance Reports please click here

Annual Campaign Contributions: click here

State Candidate Information

Election Calendar: click here

State Candidate: click here


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