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Monday 8:30 am to 5:00 pm
Tuesday 8:30 am to 8:00 pm
Wednesday to Friday 8:30 am to 5:00 pm
(Specials hours on election days)
David Olson, City Clerk

Election Commission Members
Marjorie Ann Butler
John P. McDermott
Nancy M. Levine
Jan Huffman, Chair

Local Election - November 7, 2017

On the Ballot in November: Mayor, Councilor-At-Large, School Committee, Ward Councilor, Proposed New City Charter

Voter Registration Deadline: Wednesday, October 18

Check your Polling Place: Click here

Register to Vote Online: Click here

Polls Open: 7:00 am to 8:00 pm

The list below are the certified candidates who will appear on the November Local Election Ballot, in the order they will appear.  

 Office Ward Candidate
Mayor - Scott F. Lennon
Mayor - Ruthanne Fuller
Councilor-at-Large 1 Allan L. Ciccone, Jr.
Councilor-at-Large 1 Janet J. Sterman
Councilor-at-Large 1 Nicole Castillo
Councilor-at-Large 1 Alison Leary
Councilor-at-Large 2 Susan S. Albright
Councilor-at-Large 2 Braden J. Houston
Councilor-at-Large 2 Jacob Daniel Auchincloss
Councilor-at-Large 3 Julia Malakie
Councilor-at-Large 3 Andrea W. Kelley
Councilor-at-Large 3 James R. Cote
Councilor-at-Large 4 Joshua Krintzman
Councilor-at-Large 4 Leonard J. Gentile
Councilor-at-Large 5 Andreae Downs
Councilor-at-Large 5 Deborah J. Crossley 
Councilor-at-Large 5 Brian E. Yates
Councilor-at-Large 6 Greg Schwartz
Councilor-at-Large 6 Victoria L. Danberg
Councilor-at-Large 7 Rebecca Walker Grossman
Councilor-at-Large 7 Marc C. Laredo
Councilor-at-Large 8 Richard A. Lipof
Councilor-at-Large 8 David A. Kalis
School Committee 1 Kathleen Marchi
School Committee 1 Bridget F. Ray-Canada
School Committee 2 Margaret L. Albright
School Committee 2 Cyrus Vaghar
School Committee 3 Anping Shen
School Committee 3 Eileen A. Sandberg
School Committee 4 Diana Fisher Gomberg
School Committee 5 Steven Siegel
School Committee 6 Ruth E. Goldman
School Committee 7 Kathleen Burdette Shields
School Committee 8 Matthew B. Miller
School Committee 8 Gail S. Spector
Ward Councilor 1  Maria Scibelli Greenberg
Ward Councilor 1 Franco Cedrone
Ward Councilor 2 Emily Norton
Ward Councilor 3 Barbara D. Brousal-Glaser
Ward Councilor 4 Christopher J. Markiewicz
Ward Councilor 5 John B. Rice
Ward Councilor 6 Brenda Noel
Ward Councilor 6 Richard B. Blazar
Ward Councilor 7 R. Lisle Baker
Ward Councilor 8 Cheryl Lipof Lappin

Neighborhood Area Council Elections

Election: November 7, 2017 

Polls Open: 7:00 am - 8:00 pm 

Ballots: Please Check-In and get your ballot from the Warden's Table at your usual polling location 

Certified Candidate List: Click here

Municipal Preliminary - September 12, 2017

The list below is of the Municipal Preliminary Results for Mayor. The two candidates with the most votes (listed in green) will appear on the November, 7th Local Election Ballot for the office of Mayor.    

Office  Candidate Name  Votes For  Percentage
Mayor Eli Katzoff  162  1.13%
Mayor Amy Mah Sangiolo  3,505  24.52%
Mayor Richard J. Saunders 45   0.31%
Mayor Ruthanne Fuller 5,237   36.64%
Mayor Geoffrey Woodward 28   0.20%
Mayor Scott F. Lennon  4,692  32.82%
Mayor Al Cecchinelli  610  4.27%
 Mayor Write-in Votes 8  0.06%

To see the results listed by precinct please click here (PDF)

Election Signs: Preliminary candidates not on the ballot for the November 7th Local Election MUST remove all election signs by Tuesday, September 19

2017 Candidate Information


2017 Elections Calendar click here

2017 Candidate Guide click here

Newton City Charter Sections pertaining to City CouncilMayor and School Committee

OCPF Tutorial for new candidates who file locally click here

Register to Vote!

Register to vote online click here

Download a Mail-in Voter Registration Form click here

Formulario de inscripcion de votante por correo official de Massachusetts haz clic aqui 

You may also register to vote at the City Clerk's Office in Newton City Hall.

Is your Voter Registration Active?

Don't show up at the polls to find that your registration has become inactive. To verify your voter registration status click here.

Where Do I Vote?

Verify your Precinct click here

Polling Locations by Ward and Precinct click here

City Wide Polling Location Map click here

Ward and Precinct Level Maps: Ward 1, Ward 2, Ward 3, Ward 4, Ward 5, Ward 6, Ward 7, Ward 8

Poll Workers Needed

Interested in assisting the City of Newton in the voting process?  If you are interested in working at the Polls, please call the City Clerk's Office at 617-796-1200 for an application and more information.

For Further information contact: Newton Election Commission at (617) 796-1200 or by e-mail at elections@newtonma.gov


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