Irrigation Water Meters

Residents with no more than four (4) units per parcel are permitted to purchase an “Outdoor Water Meter” that will allow for separate metering for Outdoor Water Use Only. Water consumption through the “Outdoor Water Meter” will be billed at a separate rate that will NOT include a sewer use charge. In order to install a meter to measure such use, please view the following regulations. There will be no closing date for this program.


Installation Summary

Customer:  If you have decided to install an irrigation meter at your property, the first step would be to contact a Licensed Plumber for installation estimate/pricing.

Plumber: Go to the Inspectional Service Department at Newton City Hall to pull the Permit for $50 and also pay for the Meter Transmission Unit (MTU) $120.  These two payments are considered separate and two separate checks must be issued.  At this time the plumber will receive a packet with Irrigation Meter Regulations, schematic and meter distributors for the purchase of the meter. 

In addition to purchasing the meter, please be advised you may also need a ¾” by 1” brass adapter valve (meter union to meter union).  The City does not provide this piece.  The adapter can be purchased at Tisales, Stiles and most plumbing supply companies.

For more detailed information see the links below



Mandatory Regulations and Instructions

Citizens Self Service Guide (Information on how to check your past water usage for irrigation meter installation consideration)

View Your Current/Past Water Usage

Water Rates Table



Mandatory Regulations and Instructions

Irrigation Meter Schematic

Approved Irrigation Meter List


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