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Water/Sewer, Department of Public Works
Newton City Hall
617-796-1040 (billing)
617-796-1640 (service)
617-796-1052  Fax

Hydrant Flushing

has been completed for 2019

Monday - Friday, 7:00 am - 3:00 pm
(Additional Hours)Tuesday Night 5:00 pm - 8:00 pm

After-Hours Emergencies (occurring between 3pm and 7am) please call the Police Department at (617) 796-2100. The Police Department will dispatch the call to the appropriate party. 


****The City of Newton Utilities Division in partnership with the Massachusetts Water Resources Authority (MWRA) has preformed flow tests on the cities water distribution system on October 22, 2019 between the hours of 9:30 am and 2:00 pm.  This work is in conjunction with the work being preformed on the MWRA Commonwealth Avenue Pumping Station.  Because of the flow tests, residents south of the Mass Pike may experience lower than normal water pressure and discolored water within their home.  Should you experience this you are advised to run your lowest cold water tap nearest your water meter until the discoloration is removed.  Do not wash any clothes during the time of discolored water.  Should you have any questions or concerns please call the Utilities Service Department at 617-796-1640 between 7:00 am and 3:00 pm.






LSRP Letter to Affected Residents

Potential Lead Service Line Addresses

Right of Entry (Printable)

Right of Entry (Electronic)


Certified Lead Labs

MWRA Information (please note leaving city website)

Ted Jerdee
Director of Utilities

Mike Ovaska
Utilities Superintendent

Water-Sewer Infrastructure Strategic Improvement Plan

Austin Street Sewer Rehabilitation Project Updates



Historic Information:

Waban Hill Reservoir History


How To Apply For An Irrigation Water Meter 


  • The Utilities Division at (617) 796-1640 will respond to requests for maintenance, frozen/burst meters, dirty water, malfunctioning encoders, meter reads etc. and will also clear sewer stoppages.
  • Billing (617) 796-1040
  • Back Flow Prevention Testing (617) 796-1640
  • Water and Sewer connection maintenance (617) 796-1640

Click Here for Water Applications:

Application For Water Leak Abatement

Sewer Service Applications 

Water Service Application

 Terms and Conditions

 Flow Test Application

Hydrant Meter Application

 Water Meter Testing Application



Water Bills

If you receive more than two estimates in a row, please contact the business office at 617-796-1640 to speak with a representative and make an appointment. Either the outside transponder (MTU) or the meter may need servicing.

The water meter is usually located in your basement. It has a brass bottom and a plastic cap. To read the dial, which resembles the odometer on a car, look down into the plastic cap. Next, compare this reading to the one on your bill next to the most current date. If your reading is equal to or greater than the read for which you were billed, then the bill is correct because the water passed through the meter. At this point, if your bill showed consumption higher than your quarterly average, you may consider checking for a toilet leak by putting a few drops of food coloring in the toilet tank. If, after 15 minutes, some of the coloring seeps into the toilet bowl, there is a leak, which should be repaired.

To call the Service Department of the Utilities division, dial (617) 796-1640 between 7:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. Monday through Friday.  Customer Service at City Hall is opened until 8:00 p.m. on Tuesdays where there is a Customer Service Representative for Water/Sewer to answer any of your questions.  Please call Customer Service at 617-796-1000 and ask for the Water/Sewer Customer Service person on for the night.


Senior Discount

Under current City of Newton ordinances, citizens over 65, own the property as a primary residence, and have an income of less than $86,000 annually . A resident must reapply for a Water/Sewer discount by July 1 of each calendar year in order to receive a deduction of 30 percent on water and sewer bills from July 1 to June 30 of those years.

If you are already receiving the discount, the Utilities Division will mail the application form to you. Please complete it and return the form to the Board of Assessors for processing.

If the certification form is not received, eligibility for the discount will be removed from the Utilities Division's database. If this happens, you will receive an undiscounted bill until your certification form is received and processed by the Board of Assessors. At that time, your account will be updated to receive a discount on all subsequent bills through June 30.

No adjustment will be made on a bill not discounted due to failure to reapply before the June 30 deadline.

If you have any questions pertaining to the discount qualification process, please call the Board of Assessors at (617) 796-1160.

Any questions regarding a water/sewer bill should be addressed to the Utilities Division's Business Office at (617) 796-1040.

Replacement / New Connections to the City Water / Sewer System

All work on water pipes must be done by the City's Utilities Division. Sewer connections may be done by the City or by a private contractor, who must apply for a license with the Utilities Division at City Hall. To arrange for this work, you may come into the Engineering Department at City Hall, or call, for an application, which must be filled out and signed by the property owner. An estimate for the work will be mailed to you. If you decided to proceed, you must first pay the estimate and then contact the Utilities Maintenance Office to arrange for the work at (617) 796-1640.

Once the work is complete, the actual costs will be entered into the City's billing system. You will either be additionally billed or given a refund, dependent on the difference between the estimate and the actual costs.

Maintenance of Existing Water or Sewer House Connections

The Utilities Division at (617) 796-1640 will respond to requests for maintenance, frozen/burst meters, dirty water, malfunctioning encoders, etc..  Depending upon the service provided, there may be a fee.

Backflow Prevention Testing

The Utilities Division in conjunction with Weston & Sampson Engineers will regularly perform perform tests or conduct inspections on cross connections in order to enforce the regulations of the Department of Environmental Protection. There is a standard fee of $90 for each test.

Final Water/Sewer Bill Statements

If you are selling your house, the Business Office of the Utilities Division will prepare a final statement, which will indicate the costs associated with the consumption between the last time your meter was read and the meter reading which you call into the Business Office.

To get this statement, you must read your meter, have the new owners name and cell phone number, an email address or fax number in which the statement can be sent, and call the Business Office at 617-796-1040. This interim statement will be emailed or faxed the next day after 12:00 noon.

An interim reading is calculated to determine what additional charge would apply due to water usage between the most recent bill and the reading date that either the broker or seller calls in. The City expects that buyers and sellers will take all necessary steps to make adjustments for this water usage at the time of closing.

We will not prepare an interim statement when there have been one or more estimated bills until the equipment is repaired and an actual read is obtained by our repair technician.

The Water/Sewer Billing Office puts notice on every bill which is bolded and appears in the middle of your bill, requesting the customer to call Utilities at 617-796-1640 and schedule an appointment to have this issue addressed. The Utilities Division will make every effort to schedule an appointment to have the issue resolved in a timely manner however due to schedule adherence the Utilities Division may be able to schedule your appointment until after the closing date. If this happens we suggest that money be put in escrow until the equipment is repaired and an actual read has been reported to the Water and Sewer Division of the Public Works Department.

Interim statements will not be provided for multi units who share a water meter, rentals of any kind such as apartments and business’s. 

Monies calculated on an Interim Statement will not at any time be provided verbally over the phone.

Estimated Bills

            A bill will be estimated if a read is not pulled into the file at the time of billing.  There could be some disconnect between the meter and the MTU (meter transmission unit).  That is why we requested on all ESTIMATED BILLS (orange in color) to call Service at 617-796-1640 between the hours of 7 am to 3 pm, Monday - Friday to schedule an appointment with a technician to investigate your meter and MTU.

Why is my bill estimated?

            Actual readings are obtained each day via an automated meter reading (AMR) system.  If the meter transmission unit (MTU) is not functioning, you will receive an estimated bill based on previous usage.  If your property is equipped with the AMR system and you receive an estimated bill, please call the Service at 617-796-1640 between 7 am to 3 pm, Monday – Friday to schedule a technician to investigate your meter and MTU.

How an Estimated Bill is Calculated

            All estimated bills are computer generated.  The system takes four like periods and averages them all together.  Like periods are the same time frame (i.e. quarterly billing cycles) in the last 4 years.


            If after Service goes to the property and obtains a read from the meter and investigates the estimated read, you may qualify for an abatement.  If you do qualify for an abatement, an adjustment is made and you will receive a letter, via mail, in 7-14 days from the date that Service went to the property.  It is the owner’s responsibility to pay the bill in full by the due date to avoid any interest charges

Why is my sewer charge higher than my water charge?

            Your sewer charge is calculated based on the water consumption at your property.  Sewer rates are higher than water rates due to the cost incurred by the Massachusetts Water Resources Authority (MWRA) in the treatment of sewerage prior to discharging into the Boston Harbor.

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