Managing Household Hazardous Products

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The average household in the US contains 15 pounds of hazardous products such as pesticides, cleaners, paints, and used motor oil. Using and disposing of these products properly is crucial to maintaining the health of our bodies and our environment.

The City of Newton provides several ways of safely disposing these products.

The following items must be separated from the regular trash but can be disposed of at the Recycling Depot at Rumford Avenue year round:

  • Rechargeable nickel-cadmium, nickel metal hydride batteries from portable tools
  • Silver oxide, mercuric oxide, lithium button batteries from watches, and automotive batteries
  • Devices containing mercury (fluorescent lamps, thermostats, switches, thermometers)
  • Paints, stains, polyurethane (clean and reusable interior/exterior oil or latex), unexpired shellac (during April through October only – call City Hall Customer Service for exact dates (617) 796-1000)
  • Used motor oil, oil filters, transmission fluid, and antifreeze
  • Empty propane tanks
  • Freon containing appliances – refrigerators, air conditioners, and dehumidifiers. These items can also be picked up curbside along with other appliances, please call Customer Service for more information.

Some products, which have been considered hazardous in the past, can now be disposed of with the regular trash. These include:

  • Alkaline batteries made since 1994 (AAA, AA, C, D and 9 volt)
  • Smoke detectors (check Recyclopedia for recycling options)
  • Latex paint (dried out or with sand or kitty litter to solidfy) OR bring usable (less than 3 years old) paint to the Paint Exchange
  • Soiled bandages in plastic bags, securely fastened
  • Driveway sealer (latex or oil based, with lid off)

New State Regulations (began July 1, 2010) prohibit the disposal of sharps, needles and lancets in household trash. Please see proper disposal guidelines here.

Other items can be brought to the Hazardous Waste Collection that Newton holds annually include:

From the house
Filled aerosol cans; adhesives, glues, resins; cleaners, spot removers, polishes; photo chemicals; chemistry sets, oven, drain toilet cleaners; hobby/artist supplies; moth balls; flea collar products.

From the garage
Fuels, gasoline, kerosene; engine degreaser; brake fluid; carburetor cleaner; car polish; pool chemicals.

From the workbench
Oil-based paints; wood preservatives; paint strippers/thinners; solvents/varnishes; lighter fluid; sealants.

From the yard
Pesticides; insecticides; fungicides; poisons; chemical fertilizers; weed killers.

The Best Approach to Managing Hazardous Products in the Home is to:

The City of Newton is aware of several government-sponsored websites, which might be useful in learning more ways to managing household hazardous waste. These sites provide other links. The City of Newton does not maintain the content of these sites.

MA Department of Environmental Protection Consumer Information

US Environmental Protection Agency – Household Waste Management

King County, WA Hazardous Waste Management

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