The Recycling Depot at Rumford Avenue

Accepted Materials

Proof of Newton, MA residency required.  For material generated from Newton residences, no commercial vehicles or materials generated from commercial/business use.

Materials How to Prepare Not Accepted
Appliances and Freon Items washers, dryers, water heaters, refrigerators, freezers, A/Cs
Can also schedule a curbside pick up
Please click here to schedule a special collection.
Automotive Fluid

Accept used motor oil and antifreeze

Also accept used oil filters (transmission and diesel)

Newton residents only; no business or commercial accepted. No five gallon containers accepted

Rechargeable batteries - Lithium Ion, Nickel Metal Hydride, Nickel Cadmium, Lead Acid

Button cell batteries (from watches, hearing aids, calculators, etc) and other non-alkaline batteries (Lithium Primary) weighing less than 11lbs.

Car Batteries also accepted

Click here for more options

No alkaline batteries made after 1994 – these do not contain mercury and are safe to dispose of with regular trash

Keep Lithium Ion batteries separate

The Book Reuse Shed, for drop-off and collection of books, has re-opened. Please take books in good condition to the Book Shed Monday - Saturday from 7:30 a.m. - 2:30 p.m.

To donate books, visit; Recyclopedia
Cardboard Boxes – do not need to be flattened, there is a compactor at the Recycling Depot

No soiled pizza boxes

No plastic bags

No foam packaging

Cell Phones

Also accept chargers

Are donated to a charitable organization for recycling or refurbishing

Also accepted at Customer Service Center in City Hall for Cell Phone for Soldiers.

All types of textiles, including shoes and belts and stuffed animals, can be donated to various charities on site. 

All clothing, fabric, and household textiles (tablecloths, sheets) collected must be clean and dry, but it is okay if they are ripped, stained or damaged.
No wet, mildewy textiles.  No items contaminated with oil, paint or hazardous materials.
Computer Monitors and TVs

Computer Monitors and T.V.'s can be brought to Recycle Center with paid receipt obtained from Customer Service at City Hall.

*First T.V. or Monitor cost $25 and each one after that is an additional $18
Please click here to schedule a special collection.

Computers and electronics can be scheduled for curbside pick up.

Click here for more information

Glass containers, clear, green, and brown.

All Plastic Bottles with caps.

Plastic Food Tubs, such as yogurt and margarine containers.

Metal Cans and Foil (aluminum and steel cans, empty aerosol cans, and aluminum foil and trays)

Please rinse out containers

No food waste

No Plastic bags

No styrofoam, even if it has a #6


Electronics, such as printers, fax machines, toaster ovens, coffee makers, stereos, fans, etc.


T.V.'s and Computer Monitors must be accompanied by a paid receipt obtained from Customer Service at City Hall.

Consider donating working electronics, see donation list.

Please click here to schedule a special collection.
Fluorescent Bulbs

Accept all types of fluorescent bulbs

Do not tape together

Do not crush bulbs

Lawn Mowers
Remove gas tank Can also schedule a curbside collection.
Mercury-containing devices

Thermometers, thermostats, mercury switches, elemental mercury, and flowmeters

Do not throw away with trash, mercury is a hazardous material and must be disposed of properly

Latex paint is NOT accepted at Hazardous Waste collections.

For Paint Exchange (open May - October, Monday-Friday)

Accept good, reusable latex and oil paint and paint products

Cans must be at least half full, useable, and less than 3 years old

No paint older than 3 years

Small amounts of paint can be dried out and safely disposed of with trash, please remove lids (can use kitty litter/sand to expedite the process)


Clean, white office paper

Mixed Paper – junk mail, newspaper, magazines, computer paper, paperboard (cereal, cracker, and shoe boxes, etc .- remove liners), folders, notebooks, phone books, etc. Plastic windows, staples, and paper clips are acceptable.

Milk and juice carton and aseptic packaging, please rinse and flatten

No paper plates, no paper cups, no tissue paper, no wax paper, and no plastic bags

No soiled paper

 Rigid Plastics

Children's slides and other play equipment, hard plastic toys

Plastic shelving, coolers, laundry baskets, buckets, barrels, bins, storage totes

Rigid plastic outdoor furniture, flower pots (no soil)

PET and PVC blister packs   Please see brochure for more information
No plastic film (grocery bags, shrink wrap) - bring back to grocery store

No flexible water hoses

No hazardous material or medical waste

No oil or chemical containers
No PVC pipe or Vinyl siding
Printer Cartridges

Laser and inkjet cartridges

Propane Tanks Must be emptied
Will also accept EMPTY Helium tanks and fire extinguishers.
However, most fire extinguishers can be recharged.
Scrap Metal
Metal desks, file cabinets, wire hangers, bikes, other metal pieces Can also schedule a curbside collection.
Styrofoam (expanded polystyrene)
Clean polystyrene - click here for a flyer with more information

Please break up large pieces

Do not leave on the ground
No packing peanuts, bubble wrap  

No pipe insulation or spongy foam

Do not leave on the ground
Vehicle Batteries Vehicle batteries are accepted

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