Single Stream Recycling

All paper products, flattened cardboard, plastic bottles, metal cans, glass in one container…No more separating!  Simple as ever, just put it all together!

Download a recycling brochure here

What to include in your GREEN cart:

Paper products

  • Paper (not contaminated with food), newspapers, magazines, catalogs, telephone books
  • Colored paper
  • Paperboard (cereal and shoe boxes)
  • Brown paper bags
  • Hard and soft cover books
  • Junk mail, envelopes of all types
  • Cardboard


  • ALL Plastic bottles with an opening smaller than the base - "check for the neck", leave caps ON
  • Plastic food tubs (cottage cheese, margarine, yogurt, etc.)
  • Food jars (such as peanut butter, mayonnaise)
  • Glass bottles/jars (any color)
  • Aluminum (pie plates/trays/foil)
  • Clean metal cans (tin/steel/aluminum, empty aerosol)
  • Milk and juice cartons; juice boxes; milk jugs; bleach, detergent, shampoo bottles

How does it all get sorted?  Take a Vitual Tour of the recycling plant!

Do Not Include:

How to Set Your Cart Out for Collection:

  1. Park It

    On your collection day, simply wheel your carts to the curb by 7:00 AM on your collection day, or as early as 4:00pm the day before collection.
  2. Point It

    The carts must be within 3 feet of the curb with the wheels and handle facing your house (Make sure lid opens towards the street). All trash (blue cart) and recycling (green cart) must be placed in the cart. No material outside the cart will be collected.
  3. Space It

    The cart must be at least 4 feet from objects (including parked cars, fire hydrants, telephone poles, trees, bulky waste, other carts, mail boxes, etc.). If possible, please do not park on the street on your collection day.  

Smaller, easier to manage 35 gallons carts are available to residents who produce less trash and recyclables. Please contact customer service at 617-796-1000.

Need another GREEN recycling cart?

Households can have additional recycling carts at no extra charge! Please call Customer Service at 617-796-1000 to request an additional 64-gallon cart. Additional recycling cart requests may be suspended during inclement weather periods. The recycling carts are for residential use only. Alternatively, you can bring extra recyclables to the Recycling Depot at Rumford Ave.

More information about Single Stream Recycling:

Single stream recycling increases recycling by decreasing the amount of trash we throw away, and that reduces disposal costs.

Recycling is now easier and there will be less trips to the recycling processing facility, thereby reducing collection and transportation costs

Newton has been recycling since 1971. In 1990, recycling became mandatory according to the technology of that time—dual stream recycling, meaning all acceptable recyclable materials had to be separated into two stream: paper products and bottles and cans. With new single stream technology ALL recyclable materials can be placed into one container. Newton started Single Stream Recycling in April 2009.

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