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What is Composting?

Composting is a natural degradation process. The breakdown of organic matter occurs over time from exposure to oxygen, moisture, and naturally occurring bacteria. The result of this process is a humus material called compost.

Why Compost?

Picture of the compost cycle. Save time and money in reduced soil and fertilizer purchases while decreasing local disposal costs. By composting, you won't have to bag and drag yard waste to the curb for collection!

 It's good for the environment. Often, organic material decomposes without air in landfills producing methane, a gas that contributes to global climate change.

 Enrich the soil. Compost reduces erosion by improving soil structure and adds essential nutrients to the soil, helping to grow trouble-free plants with less water, fertilizer or pesticides.

 Learn and have fun!

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Buy a Compost Bin

 Compost bins and kitchen scrap buckets are available for purchase at City Hall Customer Service or online. Pick up items at the Newton Resource Recovery Center with proof of payment.

Both compost bin styles are easy to assemble and allow for efficient, aerobic composting. They are made from a minimum of 50% post-consumer recycled plastic. The kitchen scrap collection bucket is handy to use for transport out to the compost bin.

Pricing for the Compost Bins offered by the City of Newton. The Earth Machine costs $25 and has a capacity of 10.5ft3. The Brave New Composter costs $25 and has a capacity of 24ft3. The Kitchen Scrap bucket costs $8 and is 8.5'x11.9'x8.7'.'

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How to Compost

The Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection has resources on home composting and green landscaping practices. 

This Home Composting Guide may also be useful, especially when getting started. 

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