Where Does My Recycling Go?

Once your recyclables are picked up curbside, they are transported by Waste Management to their recyclables processing plant located in Avon, MA. Here, all materials are single streamed, sorted, baled and sent to different markets.

VIRTUAL TOUR: In October 2013, we took a tour of one of WM Recycle America's plants - see the virtual tour here

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Where Does My Trash Go?

Once your trash is picked up curbside, it is transported by Waste Management, Inc. to Wheelabrator-Millbury , a waste-to-energy facility located in Millbury, MA. The facility provides dependable, environmentally safe disposal of municipal solid waste for 15 communities while generating clean electricity for sale to the local utility. The Millbury facility, designed, constructed, owned and operated by Wheelabrator Technologies, Inc., processes up to 1500 tons per day of municipal solid waste from northeastern Massachusetts. At full capacity, the plant can generate more than 38,000 kilowatts of electrical energy for sale to New England Power Company. This is the equivalent of supplying all of the electrical needs of 47,000 homes.

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