DPW Construction Schedule

Explanation of Construction Terms

Cold Planing - The removal of existing asphalt by milling.
Paving - Add new 1-½ inch layer of asphalt (bituminous) overlay.

Water Mains:
Cleaning and Lining - Clean interior of water pipe and line with cement, replace water services to property line.
Replacement - Replace water pipe with new pipe, and replace water services to property line.

Adams St (Washington St to Watertown St)Underway thru SeptemberN/AWater Main Rehab
Albion PlaceN/ACompletedWater Main Rehab
Angier School at Beacon StN/ACompletedHP Ramp Installation
Aspen Ave/Hawthorn Ave/Studio RdOctober- NovemberN/ASewer Installation
Beach StSeptemberN/AWater Main Rehab
Beacon St at Centre St N/ACompletedTraffic Signal Mast Arm Change Out
Beaumont AveN/ACompletedRoadway Repairs - Paving
Bennington StreetN/ACompletedPaving
Berkeley St N/ACompletedRoadway Repairs - Paving
Berwick RdSeptember - OctoberN/AWater Main Rehab
Bonad RdN/ACompletedPaving
Bound Brook RdN/ASeptember 4Roadway Repairs - Paving
Bowdoin St (Lincoln to Erie)N/ACompletedPaving
Bowen School (Maplewood Ave, Dudley Rd)SeptemberN/ASidewalk Installation
BroadwayOctober- NovemberN/AWater Main Rehab
Burr School AreaSeptemberN/ASidewalk Installation
Carlson AveN/ACompletedPaving
Carver RdN/ACompletedPaving
Central AvenueSeptemberN/AWater Main Rehab
Central Avenue (Wilton Rd to Turner Terr)N/ACompletedSewer & Drain Main Repairs
Centre St (Paul to Clark)September - OctoberN/ARoadway Repairs
Chaffin Park at Centre St - Vernon StN/ACompletedRetaining wall repairs
Champa RdN/ACompletedPaving
Christina StN/ACompletedPaving
Clyde StN/ACompletedRoadway Repairs - Paving
Colbert RdN/ACompletedPaving
Colbert Rd EastN/ACompletedPaving
Colgate CircleSeptemberSeptemberRoadway Repairs
Columbia RdN/ACompletedPaving
Commonwealth Ave (Fuller to Homer)UnderwayN/ASidewalk Installation
Commonwealth Ave (Fuller to Homer)Underway thru SeptemberN/ASidewalk Installation
Commonwealth Ave (Fuller to Homer)AugustN/AMicrosurface
Commonwealth Ave (Fuller to Homer)UnderwayN/ASidewalk Installation
Commonwealth Ave (Temple to Homer)N/ACompletedMicrosurfacing
Commonwealth Ave (Temple to Homer)N/ACompletedMicrosurfacing
Cottage StN/ACompletedPaving
Country Club RoadN/ACompletedPaving
Court StSeptemberN/AWater Main Rehab
Crafts St (Watertown St to City Yard)SeptemberN/AWater Main Rehab
Cross Hill RoadN/ACompletedPaving
Crystal StSeptember - OctoberN/AWater Main Rehab
Dedham StUnderwayCompletedTrench Paving - NSTAR Electric
Dedham St (Nahanton to Longmeadow)N/ACompletedPaving
Elinor RdN/ASeptember 4Roadway Repairs - Paving
Elmwood ParkN/ACompletedRoadway Repairs - Paving
Freeman StN/ASeptember 3Roadway Repairs - Paving
Goddard StN/ACompletedPaving
Herrick Rd AreaN/ACompletedWater Main Rehab
Hillside AveN/ACompletedRoadway Repairs - Paving
Howland RdN/ACompletedPaving
Hunnewell AveUnderwayN/AHP Ramp Installation
Hunnewell AveN/ASeptemberRoadway Repairs - Paving
Lake AveUnderway - August to OctoberN/AWater Main Rehab
Lake TerraceSeptember - OctoberN/AWater Main Rehab
Laurel StSeptember - OctoberN/AWater Main Rehab
Lee RdN/ACompletedRoadway Repairs - Paving
Linwood AveOctober- NovemberN/AWater Main Rehab
Llewellen RdN/ACompletedPaving
Mague AveN/ACompletedPaving
Melrose StN/ASeptember 3Roadway Repairs - Paving
Memorial Spaulding School AreaSeptemberN/ASidewalk Installation
Moreland AveSeptember - OctoberN/AWater Main Rehab
Moulton StSeptemberSeptemberRoadway Repairs
Needham St at Dedham St at Easy StN/ASeptember 2 - 5, Night WorkTrench Paving - NSTAR Electric
Nevada StOctober- NovemberN/AWater Main Rehab
Newtonville Ave (Walnut St. to Harvard)N/ACompletedPaving
Oak StN/ASeptemberRoadway Repairs - Paving
Oak St (Elliot to Chestnut)Starts September 2N/AHP Ramps and Sidewalk Installation
Park St at Vernon StN/ACompletedInstall Traffic Calming
Peach Tree LaneN/ACompletedPaving
Pettee St N/ASeptember Roadway Repairs - Paving
Pleasant StOctober - NovemberOctober - NovemberRoadway Repairs
Pleasant StN/ACompletedWater Main Cleaning & Lining
Prescott StSeptemberN/AWater Main Rehab
Pulsifer StN/ACompletedRoadway Repairs - Paving
Randolph StN/ACompletedPaving
Ridge AveN/ASeptemberRoadway Repairs - Paving
Saw Mill Brook ParkwayN/ACompletedPaving
Sky View DriveN/ACompletedPaving
Staniford StN/ASeptember 3Roadway Repairs - Paving
Temple StN/ACompletedRoadway Repairs - Paving
Tudor Rd (Private Way)N/ACompletedRoadway Repairs - Paving
Union St SidewalksN/ACompletedSidewalk Rehabilitation
VariousUnderway thru AugustN/ASewer mains and manhole assessment
VariousUnderwayN/AStreetlight Conversion to LED
VariousUnderwayN/AStreetlight Conversion to LED
VariousN/ACompletedSewer mains and manhole repairs
VariousUnderwayN/AStreetlight Conversion to LED
VariousN/ACompletedSewer mains and manhole repairs
VariousUnderwayN/ASewer mains and manhole assessment
VariousUnderwayN/AStreetlight Conversion to LED
Waban Library Parking LotN/ACompletedPaving
Wales Street BridgeUnderway thru OctoberN/ABridge Repairs
Wallace StN/ACompletedPaving
Walnut PlaceSeptemberN/AWater Main Rehab
Walnut St. (Cabot St to Commonwealth Ave)N/ACompletedRoadway Repairs - Paving
Washington Street (Chestnut St to Lowell)N/ACompletedWater Main Rehab
Washington Street (Chestnut to Thornton)N/ACompletedWater Main Rehab
Washington Street (Chestnut to Thornton)N/ACompletedWater Main Rehab
Washington Street (eastbound near Tody’s Garage at Church)SeptemberN/ASidewalk Repairs
Watertown St (Hawthorne to Faxon)N/ACompletedSidewalk Repairs, HP ramps
Waverley Ave (Tremont to Washington)N/ASeptemberRoadway Repairs - Paving
Webster St (Elm St to Waltham St)N/ACompletedPaving
West Newton SquareUnderway thru August, Night WorkN/AElectric conduit installation, NSTAR
West Pine StN/ASeptember 3Roadway Repairs - Paving
Westland AveN/ACompletedPaving
Wolcott StN/ACompletedHP Ramp Installation
Wyman StreetN/ACompletedPaving