End of Storm

To ensure pedestrians safe travel throughout the City, the City of Newton requires all property owners or occupants of a building to maintain all paved and concrete sidewalks abutting their property or business in a non-slippery condition free of ice and snow within 24 hours after snow has ceased to fall or ice has formed.  By working together, the City, residents, and business can ensure that our streets and sidewalks are safe for everyone. Snow clearance on sidewalks is critical to maintaining safe walking conditions. If walkways, crosswalks, islands, and curb ramps are icy and/or not shoveled, travel is difficult and dangerous for pedestrians. Children, older people, and people with disabilities are most affected.

The City is also asking everyone to please check on their neighbors to see if they need help with clearing, especially older neighbors and people with health concerns.

Residents and business owners can be issued fines for failing to clear their sidewalk.

Residential properties:

1st Offense per 365 period - written warning

2nd and subsequent offenses per 365-day period - $50

Fines for commercial, institutional, or residential properties with more than four residential dwelling units:

1st Offense - $100

2nd Offense - $200

3rd and subsequent offenses in a calendar year - $300

Fines can be issued each day until the violation is addressed.

Please know that the Commissioner of Public Works may extend the 24- hour compliance timeframe when weather conditions necessitate.  

For the snow clearing ordinances click here.

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