Public Works

Our Mission:

Provides safe modes of transportation, provides immediate storm emergency response, and promotes
environmental sustainability.

 Commissioner of Public Works, James  McGonagle

Chief of Staff, Shawna Sullivan

Please see our Snow Brochure HERE

 CIP FY 2020-FY 2024 Road Program:

In 2019, the City will use the latest data to place the city’s roadway network into a repair category which will show the type of repair to be performed on the roadway. We have found that the repair schedule for given street can change significantly. While we have a list of streets in priority order, it needs to be checked frequently by residents. Changes are made, for example, when we learn new information about when water, sewer, stormwater or NGrid repairs will be done. Please check the 5-Year Roads Program list below for the most current listing for the next five years. see listing

Information in regards to process of roadwork being done in your area: see descriptions

 Weekly Road Construction Information


Common Parking Citations Issued 
Click here to see a list of common parking citations issued in Newton.

Accelerated Roads Program Information Click Here

Information on Pavement Management (Roadways)

NationalGRID smell gas?

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