2009 Budget

2009 Budget

Section UL

Section 1- Budget Message, Official Listing & Index

Section 2- Financing Sources

Section 3- Board Order

Section 4- Appropriation Schedule

Section 5- Department Changes, Summary of Budget Changes, FTE

FTE Summary(11.5 KB)

Section 6- Department Summaries

Assessing(66.1 KB)
City Clerk(46.4 KB)
Elections(41.9 KB)
Executive(22.4 KB)
Fire(65.7 KB)
Human Resources(32.9 KB)
Law(42.2 KB)
Library(61.5 KB)
Licensing(20.6 KB)
Police(77.6 KB)
Public Works(101 KB)
Purchasing(40.1 KB)
Sealer(25.3 KB)
Treasurer(42.1 KB)

Section 7- Personnel Detail

Section 8- Classification Detail

Section 9- Fund Summaries

CPA(194.7 KB)
Sewer(179.8 KB)
Storm Water(65 KB)
Water(155.9 KB)

Section 10- Other Funds, Special Reserve

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