Business Certificate (DBA)

Please be Advised.  Beginning Wednesday, September 16, 2020, the City Clerk’s Office will be open by Appointment Only for In-person services.  Please call 617-796-1200 to make an appointment.

On-line services including Vital Records requests, Business Certificates, Dog Licenses, Public Records Requests, Mail-in Ballot Applications, and Voter registration may all be done through the City Clerk’s webpage.

This change is being put in place to allow the Clerk’s Office time to prepare for the November 3, 2020 State/Presidential Election.

Due to the COVID-19 emergency, please expect a delay with processing your request.

Anyone conducting business in Newton under a name other than their own or corporate name must file a Business Certificate with the City Clerk. This form is commonly known as a "doing business as" or "DBA" certificate. The DBA allows consumers to identify and locate the proprietor of a business.  Once filed, a certificate is valid for four years.

Forms and Fees

Business Certificate Application - The cost of starting or renewing your DBA is $35.00. Please note, the DBA application requires the applicant's signature to be notarized.

Home Business Affidavit - If you are starting or renewing a home business, this form is required in addition to the Business Certificate Application.

Statement of Change [Address or Name] - There is a $10.00 cost to change the ownership or location of a current DBA. Please note, this form requires the person(s) on the original DBA's signature(s) to be notarized.

Statement of Change [Deceased/Retired/Withdrawn/Discontinued] - If you are closing your DBA there is a $10.00 charge. Please note that this form also requires signature(s) to be notarized.

For more information please contact Donna Whitham at the City Clerk's Office:(617)796-1200 or by e-mail:


Massachusetts General Law

Chapter 110 Section 5

Going Out of Business?

Any Business undertaking a Closing-Out or Going-Out-of-Business Sale in Newton must complete the following steps as laid out in Chapter 93 of Massachusetts General Law, and deliver the required material listed below to the Newton City Clerk's Office at least three days before the start of the sale.

1. The business owner must provide the City Clerk with a complete and detailed inventory, singed by the owner under the penalties of perjury, which inventory shall include:

  • A list of all items to be included in such sale which shall consist of only the goods, wares and merchandise actually in the place of business wherein or whereat such sale is to be conducted, at the opening of such sale, describing same by name or kind and the quantity of each thereof, and
  • Whether or not previously listed, a listing separately in the same manner of any goods, wares and merchandise to be included in such sale which had been purchased during a sixty day period immediately prior to the filing of the inventory.

2. The fee to file this inventory is $1.00 per page payable by check to the City of Newton.

3. A good and sufficient bond, payable to the City of Newton, in the penal sum of one thousand dollars, with sureties approved by the Mayor of Newton.

Closing Out Sale Instructions.

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