Birth Certificates

Birth certificates remain on file in the city or town where the person was born and in the city or town the person's parents lived in at the time of the birth, certified copies of the original are available through the City Clerk's Office.

Does Newton Have the Record?

You can obtain a certified copy of your birth certificate from the City of Newton if:

  • You were born at Newton-Wellesley Hospital (Newton, MA)
  • You were born outside of Newton but your parent(s) were Newton Residents at that time
  • Your birth took place at-home ("home-birth") and your parent(s) were Newton Residents at that time
  • New home-births are filed at the City Clerk's Office
  • Your parent(s) filed an "out-of-commonwealth" adoption and were residents of the City of Newton at the time the adoption took place.
  • OOC Adoptions are filed in the Town/City of residence at the time the adoption took place.

If you are looking for an older record or doing genealogical research please click here to visit the City Clerk's City Archive page.

What Do I Need To Get A Birth Certificate?

Public Records: Parent(s) of the child were married at the time of birth

  • Anyone can request a certified copy of an "open" birth certificate.

Private Records: Parent(s) of  a child were not married at the time of the birth.

  • Parent(s) listed on the birth certificate may request a certified copy with valid government issued identification.
  • Child listed on the birth certificate may request a certified copy with valid government issued identification.
  • Person(s) with legal custody of children may request a certified copy with an original certified copy of court paperwork stating person(s) have legal custody of specified child and valid government issued identification.

All certified copies issued by the City Clerk's Office are considered "long forms" and have a City Seal.

How Much Does A Birth Certificate Cost?

A certified copy costs $10.00/each. The City Clerk's Office accepts cash, check (payable to the City of Newton), and debit card.

How Do I Get A Copy Of A Birth Certificate?

Order On-line (Allow 10 to 14 Days):
You can order and pay for a copy of a birth certificate to be mailed to you.  Payment processing service charges apply.

Click Here to Order On-line

By Mail (Allow 10 to 14 Days, from the day we receive the request):
A written request must contain the following: 

1. Name of Individual
2. Date of Birth
3. Parents' Names
4. Number of Copies Ordered
5. Address to which it should be sent
6. Check in exact amount made payable to the City of Newton

***If requesting a "private record" a written notarized letter from one of the individuals named on the certificate must be included ***

Click Here For Printable Request Form (PDF)

In Person (Same Day):
City Clerk's Office -- First Floor, City Hall, during regular business hours.

Please Note: The City Clerk's office cannot accept requests for birth certificates via FAX -- and does not accept orders via the telephone. A birth certificate, to be considered valid for purposes of obtaining a passport, employment, school registration, etc., cannot be a copy or on facsimile paper, Massachusetts law requires that it be certified with the City Seal

Can I Amend A Birth Certificate?

In some cases birth certificates can be amended but the process requires specific forms of evidence. It is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED parties seeking to amend a birth certificate first call the City Clerk's Office.

Amendment fee of $25.00 may apply

Additional certified copies of amended records are $10.00/each

Please Note: Amendments to birth records can ONLY be made in the Town/City where the birth took place or with the Registry of Vital Records and Statistics (fees may differ).  

For more information please contact the City Clerk's Office at (617)796-1200 or by e-mail at

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