Newton Community Solar Share Initiative (CoSSI)

 Welcome to the Newton Community Share Solar Initiative (CoSSi) website.  This site provides general information on the program, as well as information on how to enroll.




•             What is Newton's Community Solar Share Initiative (CoSSi)?
Newton's Community Solar Share Initiative (CoSSi) is a program that enables Newton households that are eligible for Eversource's low-income electricity rate to obtain additional savings on their electricity bills, based on credits generated by the City's Department of Public Works (DPW) solar paneled carport at 70 Elliot Street. Each eligible household saves approximately $49 per year as a result of the program.
•             How does the program work?
Solar panels on a carport constructed over the DPW parking lot generate electricity that goes into the New England electric grid. In exchange for this electricity, the City receives net metering credits that can be used to lower the City's cost of electricity. The City uses about 60% of the credits to offset the cost of the solar project and allocates about 40% to Newton electricity customers who qualify for Eversource's low-income rate.
•             How is the CoSSi program implemented?
When the program began, Action for Boston Community Development (ABCD) sent a letter from the Mayor to eligible households explaining the program. ABCD will send out such a letter in the future on a periodic basis.
•             Which residents will get the credits?
Any Newton electricity customers that receive the low-income electric discount rate from Eversource are automatically eligible for a share of the net metering credits unless they decide to opt out of the program. All participating households get an equal share of the credits.
•             How many households in Newton are eligible for the credits?
ABCD has informed the City that about 1100 households in Newton receive the low­income electric discount rate.
•             Is anything else required to participate?
Participants must allow ABCD and Eversource to share their electric account numbers with the City. No other information is shared with the City, and participants' identifying information is kept confidential.
•             What happens if someone receiving credits moves, or otherwise terminates her relationship with Eversource?
Eversource notifies the City, and the City can allocate that household's credits to other customers who become eligible.


 •            What happens when someone new becomes eligible for the low-income discounted electric rate from Eversource?


The process will be the same as for enrolling residents in the program the first time; that is, the household will receive a letter explaining the program.  Customers who want to participate don't have to do anything and are enrolled automatically.  If they don't want to participate, they sign the enclosed form and send it to ABCD.


•            Can a participating household leave the program?


Yes, at any time, by contacting ABCD or the City.


•            How do you apply for credits?


To find out if you are already eligible for the Eversource low-income rate or to apply for

that new rate, contact one of the City's case managers, Emily Kuhl, 617-796-1672 at the Newton Senior Center, or Nancy Storer, 617-796-1446, at Newton City Hall.


•            I need general information about the CoSSI Program.  Who should I contact?


For general information about the CoSSI program, contact Linda Plazonja in the office of

Mayor Ruthanne Fuller, 617-796-1102.



























 Elliot Street Solar Array Site Plan

Site Plan - Elliot Street Solar Array 

 Elliot Street Site

Elliot Street Site

 Solar Panel Delivery at Elliot Street

Solar Panel Delivery at Elliot Street

 Construction Activity at Elliot Street

Construction Activity at Elliot Street
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