Solar Power

City of Newton Plans To Install Solar Arrays At Municipal Locations               

Earlier this year, Mayor Setti Warren initiated planning for new solar installations on up to 13 City of Newton properties. It is estimated that the City would save approximately $10 million dollars over 20 years from the 13 solar array projects suggested in the list above and that those projects would generate about 2.5 to 3.0 megawatts. This would be enough to provide electricity to about 450 typical houses.
Click here for information on locations currently being considered for solar arrays.

The four existing municipal solar installations are:

Brown Middle School
Countryside Elementary School
SpauldingMiddleSchool                                                                                                                                                   Newton North High School

The plan to install new solar arrays at municipal properties is the latest phase in a several phase effort by the City of Newton toward environmental sustainability. Since 2010, solar panels have been installed on the rooftops of six public school buildings and these solar installations save $75,000 annually.

Energy efficiency improvements have also reduced utility costs for the City of Newton. Efficiency improvements in 14 municipal buildings have resulted in $2.7 million in annual savings. In addition, oil to gas conversions have occurred in public buildings and 8,000 LED street lights have been installed.

Mayor Setti Warren put forth objectives for environmental sustainability when he announced the Energy Smart Newton initiative several years ago with the goal to have businesses and residences reduce electricity usage by 20% by the year 2020. One step to accomplish this goal was announced in September 2015: having 1,000 residential property owners apply for free home energy assessments before October 2016. Home energy assessments already finished between 2010-September 2015 have led to a total annual savings of $750,000. To sign up for a free assessment for your home, please call 800-873-1649, or visit:

For more information regarding goals for environmental sustainability, please visit the Newton Leads 2040 homepage.
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Newton Solar Challenge

The Newton Solar Challenge is a collaboration between The Mayor’s Office of Sustainability, Green Newton, other
participating community organizations, The Village Bank, and BarnRaise Energy to increase solar ownership in Newton. The program provides Newton residents with the best available options in regional solar companies, US-manufactured solar panels and residential solar financing to increase solar ownership in Newton.

The Newton Solar Challange makes it easy for Newton homeowners to own solar energy, saves Newton homeowners money on rising utility costs, and supports the City of Newton’s goal of a 20% reduction in energy use city-wide by 2020.

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