Newton Energy $avers

Mayor Setti Warren's Newton Energy Savers Initiative kicks off October 1


Newton Residents Maryann and Matt Siegel (“Matty in the Morning”) Have Home Energy Assessment No. 1

City Of Newton Announces Partnership to Conduct One Thousand Home Energy Assessments in One Year
Mayor Setti Warren, Green Newton, and the Newton Clergy Association, have announced the Newton Energy $avers initiative, with the goal of conducting 1,000 home energy assessments (HEA) within one year.

Newton Energy $avers initiative is one aspect of Mayor Warren’s comprehensive sustainability efforts since taking office in 2010 to encourage environmentally sustainable practices. Other programs have included solar development at municipal properties, the replacement of Newton streetlights with LED, and steps within municipal buildings to conserve energy. Newton energy initiatives completed under the Warren Administration will save Newton taxpayers an estimated $30 to 40 million over the next 20 years.
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Newton Home Energy Assessments
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Thank you Newton Business Partners 
for your support!
These Businesses have allowed Newton Energy $avers team to set up an informational table to help get the word out about this city-wide initiative to reach its climate goal of 1000 completed Home Energy Assessments by the end of October 2016. Residents have signed up on the spot for a Home Energy Assessment, offered through the State-wide Mass Save Program. Allowing these tables is critical to the success of this program because it both shows the support of the local businesses in town and creates a space for the face-to-face conversations that inspire people to take action.


ICE DAMS and Insulation

The ice dam cometh. Are you ready?
By Shirley Leung, Globe Staff November 08, 2015
After the winter we had, our motto became: “Ice dams be damned.”
My husband and I spent the summer with a parade of roofers and insulation contractors trying to figure out how to prevent our home from being ringed by icicles again.
We had icicles everywhere: the front, the side, the back. They stretched from 2 inches to two stories tall. One time I got so annoyed at one that I tried to knock it down with a snow shovel. I nearly got speared. Don’t ever try this at home.
But the icicles weren’t just a nuisance. They were destroying the house. They were the telltale signs of ice dams, which form during periods of heavy snowfall followed by a stretch of freezing temperatures.  READ THE STORY




















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