Assessing Forms and Guides

    General Forms and Guides

     Abutter List Request (13.6 KB)

     Change of Address Form (296.4 KB)

     City of Newton Assessors Notice (1.6 MB)

    Commercial Property

     Charitable Organization 3ABC Form (398.4 KB)

     Religious and Charitable Organization Guide (60.6 KB)

     Income and Expense - Apartment Use Properties (78.9 KB)

     Income and Expense - Commercial Use Properties (79 KB)

     Income and Expense - Mixed Use Properties (82.1 KB)

    Residential Property

     Frequently Asked Questions Booklet (35.8 KB)

     Real Estate Abatement Application

    Residential Sales

     Single Family Sales (161.1 KB)

     Multi Family Sales (27.2 KB)

     Condominium Sales (66.5 KB)

    Personal Property

     City of Newton Assessors Notice (1.6 MB)

     Personal Property Form of List (1.2 MB)

     Form of List Worksheets (85 KB)

     Personal Property Mobile Telecommunications Form 2MT (477 KB)

     Personal Property Abatement Application (1.2 MB)

    Motor Vehicle Excise

     Excise Abatement Form (453.6 KB)

    Tax Assistance

     For Older Citizens (Clause 41C) Form (1.67 MB)

     For Older Citizens: Tax Deferral (Clause 41A) Form (958.1 KB)

     Elderly Surviving Spouse, Minor Child (Clause 17D) Form (1.18 MB)

     Disabled Veteran (Clause 22) Form (1.23 MB)

     Age & Infirmity & Financial Hardship (Clause 18) Form (981.1 KB)

     Blind Persons (Clause 37A) Form (453.6 KB)

     Senior Citizen Property Tax Work-Off Program Form (38.4 KB)

     Senior Citizen Property Tax Work-Off Program Guildelines (13.7 KB)

     Veteran Property Tax Work-Off Program Form (38.4 KB)

     Newton Elderly and Disabled Taxation Aid Fund Form (14 KB)

     Newton Elderly and Disabled Taxation Aid Fund Guidelines (38.4 KB)