Traffic Council


  • David Koses, Transportation Coordinator; Traffic Council Chair
  • Isaac Prizant, Traffic Engineer
  • Jacob Auchincloss, Councilor & Chair of Public Safety & Transportation Committee or Andreae Downs, Councilor & Vice-Chair of Public Safety & Transportation Committee
  • Sergeant Daniel Devine, Police Traffic Bureau
  • Mitchell Fischman, Resident member or Jeremy Freudberg, Alternate resident member

Council Clerk: Danielle Delaney,  

The Traffic Council reviews site-specific requests for traffic and parking improvements. Traffic Council meetings are open to the general public and residents of affected streets are notified in writing approximately 1-2 weeks before the item is heard by the Traffic Council. Due to the volume of petitions received, there is approximately a 3 to 6 month wait for requests to be heard.

Please contact Traffic Council at or the office at (617) 796-1210 for additional information.

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