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 06-24-08Call of Citizens Advisory Group meeting.pdf (104 KB)
 06-24-08Citizen Advisory Group Agenda.pdf (47.4 KB)
 06-30-08CAG Municipal Cost Structure Meeting Notice.pdf (98.7 KB)
 07-09-08 CAG Capital Structure Meeting Notice.pdf (98.7 KB)
 07-09-08CAG Municipal Cost Structure Meeting Notice.pdf (99.4 KB)
 07-09-08CAG Revenue Structure Meeting Notice.pdf (99.1 KB)
 07-10-08 CAG Cost Structure Schools MeetingNotice.pdf (99.6 KB)
 07-10-08CAG Municipal Cost Structure MeetingNotice.pdf (99.4 KB)
 07-16-08CAG Revenue Meeting Notice.pdf (98.6 KB)
 07-17-08-CAG-InnovationsMeetingNotice.pdf (82.6 KB)
 07-21-08CAG Agenda.pdf (20.3 KB)
 07-21-08CAG Revenue MeetingNotice.pdf (99.3 KB)
 07-21-08CAG Revised Call of meeting.pdf (103.3 KB)
 07232008-public-notice-muni-cost.pdf (63 KB)
 07-28-08CAG School Cost Structure Committee MeetingNotice.pdf (98.5 KB)
 07-30-08CAG Public Forum Meeting.pdf (103.6 KB)
 07-31-08-CAG-Decision&ControlStructureMeetingNotice.pdf (83.1 KB)
 08-18-08 CAG benchmarking data.pdf (86.3 KB)
 08-18-08CAG Municipal Cost Structure Subcommittee MeetingNotice.pdf (99.3 KB)
 08-19-08CAG CApital Structure Meeting Notice.pdf (99.7 KB)
 08-27-08Decision and Control Meeting Notice.pdf (100.9 KB)
 08-28-08CAG Cost Structure -Schools MeetingNotice.pdf (99.9 KB)
 09-04-08CAG Agenda.pdf (80.6 KB)
 09-04-08CAG Call of meeting.pdf (103.3 KB)
 09-04-08CAG Decision and Control Structure Sub-committee MeetingNotice.pdf (100.2 KB)
 09-15-08CAG Municipal Cost Structure Subcommittee MeetingNotice.pdf (98.9 KB)
 09-19-08CAG Capital Structure Meeting Notice.pdf (98.8 KB)
 09-24-08CAG School Cost Structure MeetingNotice.pdf (109.4 KB)
 09-30-08CAG Municipal Cost Structure Meeting Notice.pdf (105.1 KB)
 1 06-01-08CAG1.mp3 (39.94 MB)
 10-01-08CAG School Cost Structure MeetingNotice.pdf (112.6 KB)
 10-06-08 CAG School Cost Structure Meeting Notice.pdf (109.2 KB)
 10-07-08CAG Call of meeting.pdf (106.2 KB)
 10-10-08CAGMunicipalCostStructureMeetingNotice.pdf (105.5 KB)
 10-15-08CAG Municipal Cost Structure MeetingNotice.pdf (106.2 KB)
 10-17-08CAGCapitalStructureMeeting Notice.pdf (105.6 KB)
 10-30-08CAG Call of meeting.pdf (109.3 KB)
 11-19-08CAGCallofMeeting.pdf (112.4 KB)
 11-19-08CAGRevenueReport.pdf (595.2 KB)
 11-19-08Revenue Presentation.pdf (954.9 KB)
 11-30-08CAGSchoolCostStructureMeetingNotice.pdf (109.1 KB)
 12-16-08CAGRevisedCall of meeting.pdf (112.3 KB)
 12-17-08CAGCapitalStructureMeetingNotice.pdf (100.6 KB)
 12-18-08CAGCallofMeeting.pdf (111.8 KB)
 12-18-08CAGCancellation of meeting.pdf (158.2 KB)
 2 06-01-08CAG2.mp3 (39.62 MB)