Blue Ribbon Commissions

Blue Ribbon Commission for Financial Resources

Blue Ribbon Commission Final Report - February 1, 2007 (PDF)

Projected Financial Resources & Expenses

The Mayor and President of the Board of Aldermen are pleased to announce the appointment of a special Blue Ribbon Commission of citizens skilled in management and finance to review all aspects of Newton’s projected financial resources and expenses so that citizens and officials alike may have a better idea of what to expect in the next few years. This work will build on the efforts of the Long Range Planning Committee and the financial forecast it has helped shape with the assistance of the Mayor’s Office and the Office of the City Comptroller.

The Commission will be asked to report its findings to the Mayor and President of the Board no later than February 1. 2007. Many fine candidates were suggested, or came forward. Those chosen for the Commission represent a cross-section of experience and views which should serve the City well. Mayor Cohen and Board President Baker are also pleased to announce that Paul Levy, the President and Chief Executive Office of Beth Israel Deaconess medical Center, has agreed to serve as Chair. Paul holds bachelor’s degrees in Economics and Urban Studies and Planning, and a Master’s degree in City Planning from MIT.

In carrying out its charge, the Commission is expected to look at the forecast assumptions concerning the City’s revenues and expenditures, and if adjustments should be made, identify the basis for the change as well as what responses might be appropriate so as to help the City Plan for the future as well as possible.

The Members of the Blue Ribbon Commission are:

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