Riverside Project

What is the Riverside Development Project:

The Riverside Development Project is a proposal to have a mixed-use development/transit-oriented development on a portion of the Riverside MBTA parcel.  The MBTA will maintain ownership of the land, but that the developer, B.H. Normandy, has an 85-year lease with in order to create a development.  The development will be a compilation of 3 categories of uses:  businesses (category A), commercial/retail (category B) and residential units (category C).  The total density of the project, not including any accessory parking requirements, will not exceed 558,000 square feet.  The setbacks of these structures from Grove Street are to be equal to half their building height in order to maintain a healthy distance from the street.  The development will be required to cultivate an ample amount of open space within the development with 50% of that open space accessible to the public.  In terms of impacts on the area, the city will require a number of studies done especially on traffic and water/sewer.  Studies of this nature will be done in advance of construction and during post-construction.  Post- construction studies must be complete within 12 months of full occupancy of each phase of development and will continue every two years following the completion of the development.   The purpose of a mixed-use development within the Riverside area is to allow development appropriate to the area and its surroundings, provide enhancements to infrastructure, integrate with and protect nearby neighborhoods, provide a mix of compatible and complementary commercial and residential uses appropriate for transit-oriented sites, and advance the City’s long-term goal of strengthening alternatives to single-occupancy automobile use while remaining consistent with the city’s Comprehensive Plan.

Planning Department Materials

Conceptual Review of Proposed Riverside Station
Mixed-Used/Transit-Oriented Development
June 26, 2012 at Newton City Hall, Aldermanic Chamber

Section 30-24(j)(1) of the Newton Revised Ordinances requires that, prior to submittal of an application for a special permit in the Riverside Station Mixed-Use 3/Transit Oriented District, the petitioner shall present conceptual plans for review by the Land Use Committee of the Board of Aldermen at a public meeting.  At this meeting, the Land Use Committee is required to provide a forum for a public presentation whereby the Committee and public may ask questions, gain an understanding of the project proposal, and provide feedback that can inform further development of the project. 

Agenda for June 26, 2012 Meeting

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