Land Use Committee

Public Hearings on the Tuesday following the second Monday of each month, working sessions on the Tuesdays following the first and fourth Mondays of each month.

Chair: Ald. Laredo
Vice-Chair: Ald. Schwartz
Members: Ald. Lennon, Auchincloss, Cote, Harney, Crossley, Lipof 
Clerk: Nadia Khan,

The Land Use Committee reviews matters relating to Special Permit and Site Plan Approval petitions; utility petitions relating to Special Permit and Site Plan Approval projects; zone change petitions relating to individual, specific parcels; sign permits; lodging house and dormitory licenses; licensing of automobile dealers; permits for storage of towed vehicles; and matters relating to Community Preservation housing proposals.

Notes from the Chairman Regarding the Special Permit Process

Special Permit Hearing Procedures

Statement of Good Practices Regarding Land Use Petitions

Current Special Permits

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