Land Use Committee

Public Hearings on the Tuesday following the second Monday of each month, working sessions on the Tuesdays following the first and fourth Mondays of each month.

Chair: Councilor Laredo
Vice-Chair: Councilor Schwartz
Members: Councilors Lennon, Auchincloss, Cote, Harney, Crossley, Lipof 
Clerk: Nadia Khan,

The Land Use Committee reviews matters relating to Special Permit and Site Plan Approval petitions; utility petitions relating to Special Permit and Site Plan Approval projects; zone change petitions relating to individual, specific parcels; sign permits; lodging house and dormitory licenses; licensing of automobile dealers; permits for storage of towed vehicles; and matters relating to Community Preservation housing proposals.

To communicate with all the members of the Land Use Committee, please use the e-mail address:

Notes from the Chairman Regarding the Special Permit Process

Statement of Good Practices Regarding Land Use Petitions

Current Special Permits

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