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Historic Marker


How do I order a historic marker?
Fill in the order form and fax it, mail it, or drop it by the Jackson Homestead. Please include a recent image of the home.

What is Newton's historic marker program?
Newton's historic marker program is a new initiative to place "date and original owner" plaques on homes throughout Newton as a way of spreading the word about Newton's history, providing information about the City's architectural development, and creating a sense of pride in our community. Historic Newton is a non-profit organization based at the Jackson Homestead and Museum.

What does the historic marker look like?
Newton's historic marker is an attractive 14.5"x 9" wooden oval, accented with beveled edges, light gray in color, with dark green lettering. The "all weather" markers are designed for placement on the outside of your home.

What does the marker say?
Each custom-made marker will show the date your home was built and, if known and desired, the name of the family who first lived there. Because this is a historical program, the names of the current owners may not be used. The marker also carries the name and official logo of Historic Newton.

Where do I get information about my house?
Historic Newton has information about many Newton homes and can do a complimentary data search on most pre-1907 homes for date of construction and name of the original owner. If desired, historic markers can show only the date of original construction. If the exact date cannot be determined, a "c" for circa will be added to your marker. If you already know the date and owner, please submit any proof you have for confirmation. *

Who can participate in the historic marker program?
Any home in Newton--- single or multi-family--- built in any year from 1621 to today can receive a historic marker.

What does a historic marker cost?
Each customized marker costs $192.00 plus tax for Historic Newton members and $250.00 plus tax for those who are not members of Historic Newton. If you are submitting your order by check, please be sure to calculate the sales tax into the amount ($204 for Historic Newton members and $265.63 for nonmembers).

Where should I place my historic marker?
The marker should be placed on the outside of your home, at eye level, facing the street. If architectural features or landscaping make that impractical, markers may be mounted at higher levels, including the second floor. Care should be taken to minimize confusion with your house number.

How long does it take to produce each marker?
Your marker will be ready in approximately 6 to 8 weeks after you place your order. You will be notified by telephone when your marker is ready and it can be picked up during Museum hours.

The historic marker program sounds great! How do I get mine?
We've tried to make it easy: Fill in the order form, print it out, attach your check, and mail or drop it by the The Jackson Homestead and Museum, 527 Washington Street, Newton, MA 02458. Please include a recent image of the home. Credit card/faxed orders are also happily accepted: 617-552-7228.

The rest is history.
Still have questions? Call Historic Newton at (617) 796-1450.

Historic Newton will do its best to correctly identify/authenticate the date your home was built. However, we cannot guarantee the absolute accuracy of the date and owner information due to the nature of many historical records. Historic Newton reserves the right to deny specific requests for markers based on a review of historical data.